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What’s New
Version HistoryAug 15, 2019 Version 5.0.4
# Major upgrade on Chat Window handling, unread counter fixes, faster message fetching, faster scrolling on various lists
# Cube level announcement/channels for creators and admins
# Hide your phone number from cube members who don’t have it already in phonebooks
# Request phone numbers
# Ability for the creator to transfer ownership both at Cube and Topic levels
# Revoke admin capability for cube creator
# Edit images before sending
# Sequential sending and receiving of images (in the order chosen/sent)
# Pinning to chats in one to one and topic chat list
# Search on one to one and Topic chat screen
# Accurate message read/delivered info
# UI Gestures in various screens
# User @mention based on username (upgrade from phone number based mentions)
# New onboarding screens
# Captain Support
# UI improvements
# Small Bug fixes

Product Planet — Up-skilling platform for developers and designers

Hello 👋,
I’m the founder of Product Planet, an up-skilling platform for developers and designers. I’ve interviewed and worked with tons of people at product startups over the last 7 years, and observed that there are two big problems: 1. College grads and employees early on in their careers don’t know what level of skills are required to work at the top startups, and thus are often unsuitable for tech roles. 2. Startups find it very difficult to hire the right talent and many positions either go unfilled or they end up hiring mediocre talent. We are trying to bridge this gap at Product Planet and want to help developers and designers learn relevant skills and then connect them with top startups, so we can create a better startup community.

Figma Font Replacer — Plugin to handle your font families and styles in Figma

Hey, hunters! I’m Kristin Baumann and I love the intersection of Frontend Development, Design and Product Management. The Figma Plugin API was just announced at the beginning of this month. I immediately knew that I want to contribute and solve own of my own problems. Or actually two problems. First, I wanted to have an overview of all the fonts I use throughout my designs. Especially when I start designing from scratch I play around a lot with the fonts and start to loose the overview. So this plugin lists all the font families and styles of the layers that you selected. But then I need to clean up the font mess manually. Selecting all the layers after each other and picking the right font and style just sucks. So with this plugin you can select one or more existing fonts and set the new font with just a few clicks. Hope you like it and that it speeds up your workflow as well! Looking forward to your thoughts, suggestions and comments!

Gradjoy — GradJoy saves you money on all your student loans

Thanks @aaronoleary for hunting! 🎉 Hi PH, I’m Jose one of the founders of GradJoy 👋 We built GradJoy to help us tackle our own student loans. I graduated from UT Austin in May with about $40K in debt. 💸
Couple months before graduating, I was trying to prepare and plan out how I should start paying off my student loans. After a day of fighting clunky websites and excel spreadsheets I was exhausted. We started GradJoy to help me tackle my student debt, and now we are excited to share it with everyone that is also tackling their debt. We are rolling out new features everyday currently with GradJoy you can: ✅ See all your student loans from one place
✅ Simulate your payments and see how much you could save
✅ Get notified of upcoming payment due dates, or any changes with your loans
✅ Understand the pros and cons of refinancing options
✅ Get 100s of refinancing offers, understand how your payments would look like without affecting your credit. We are working on rolling out integrations for private loans, and to allow payments via the app! We’d love to hear about any ideas, experiences, and feedback you might have. 🙏

Modern CSV — A CSV editor/viewer

Hi, I’m Evan and I wrote Modern CSV. My coworkers and I kept complaining about how Excel handles CSVs. None of the other CSV editors out there quite addressed our complaints, so I set out to create one that would. I wanted to make something that would load large files really fast, could easily transition between files, and had a lot of cool editing features (we’re coders, so we’re used to manipulating text files with ease. Why not tables?). I hope I’ve succeeded, but I’ll let you be the judge. Personally, in addition to viewing auto-generated CSV files and making input files for programs, I’ve been using it to record bugs, maintain a to-do list, and track personal health information (e.g. diet, exercise, mood, etc.). Here are some of the features it currently has: – Multi-cell editing
– Quickly loads large files (e.g. 100s of millions of rows)
– Easily delete, insert, move, and duplicate rows and columns
– Find/replace with regular expressions
– Sort rows and columns
– Filter rows and columns
– Join and split cells
– Handles cells with commas and double-quotes
– Light and Dark themes And here are some of my future plans for it: – Cell formulas that you can write in Python (this will bring in the ability to do complex math, statistics, FFT, DSP, etc.).
– Scripting (also in Python)
– Plug-ins (ditto Python)
– Figure plotting
– Cell formatting Basically, it would be an alternative spreadsheet for techies and those who don’t like Visual Basic. But these are just my ideas for where to take it. If you have a different idea, let me hear it. Nothing is set in stone. Give it a shot and let me know what you think (good, bad, and/or ugly). Evan

SciFlow — Write, improve and format your scientific documents

Formatting a research paper or thesis in Word or even Google Docs can be frustrating. We wanted to make it easy to focus on writing – not formatting – without having to learn a typesetting system like TeX. By integrating the already great reference managers out there with drag & drop we think it we’ve made that a lot easier. To get started, we have created templates for the major scientific style manuals like ACS, APA, AMA, Chicago, IEEE, MLA, Deutsche Zitierweise or Turabian. Made with ❤️ in Germany. Let us know what you think.

Remindee — Remind & convert past visitors. Exactly when they need you.

Hi everyone 👋 Thanks so much to @kevin for hunting us! I’m Lorenzo, founder of Remindee.io, and as a marketer and startup guy, I discovered that: ❌90% of new visitors were leaving my website without taking action. So when I was spending $1,000 on marketing acquisition, $900 were lost. Forever. ❌Visitors who were really interested in my services, but for later, totally forgot to come back when it was eventually the right time. Why? Because last time they thought about me was weeks or months before. ❌Retargeting ads (that I love as a marketer) were working only on people who needed our service at the time they saw the ad. So, what about the others? ❌Bookmark users almost never think about the website they saved when it would be time to use it (I previously ran a Bookmark Manager startup). So guess what? ✅I looked for a solution and decided to create Remindee 😃 ➡️The first solution that reminds interested visitors to come back, exactly when they need you. Because, who better than your visitor knows when he will need you! By the way, for startups, we decided to offer our Premium plan for a quarter of the price the 1st year (see eligibility requirements on Pricing page). Questions or feedback? We’d love to hear what you think!
Cheers, — Lorenzo PS: Remindee, like most webapps, is better on desktop than mobile. Our app is totally responsive and you can easily create and manage your account from your mobile. But I recommend to play with it on desktop (and our user guide is only displayed on desktop).

Narrator — A full-service data team for startups of any size

Y Combinator-backed Narrator wants to become the operating system for data scienceCedric Dussud, Michael Nason, Ahmed Elsamadisi and Matthew Star (pictured above, in order) spent the summer sharing a house in San Francisco, cooking meals together and building Narrator, a startup with ambitions of becoming a universal data model fit for any company.

HN Comments Owl — Highlight new Hacker News comments, and other UX tweaks

I made this extension to “finish off” Hacker News’ comment threads (drawing the rest of the friendly owl if you will, hence the silly name) by adding an important missing feature – being able to quickly see which comments are new when you revisit an item. For years, I’d been unable to follow comment threads in a satisfactory way on repeat visits, searching for “minutes ago” or “1 hour ago” to find recent comments. This extension does that work for you – new comments since your last visit are highlighted and comment threads which don’t contain any new comments are automatically collapsed. Item lists will also show you when there are new comments, and the number of new comments.

chart.xkcd — xkcd styled chart library

Hi, PHers, I’m the author of this lib.
What I want is a chart library with simple API like chart.js but in hand-drawn effect. I find there is no such lib, so I created this one. Thanks for trying it out.
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