Ode Brew Grinder — Powerful+precise next-gen home grinder with café performance

Fellow’s Ode Brew Grinder is a powerful and precise next-generation home grinder performs at the café level with its massive professional-grade 64mm flat burrs, 31 grind settings, and single dose loading for maximum bean freshness. Most home grinders are a master of none, tackling both brewed coffee and espresso. In stark contrast, Ode was designed to dominate brewed coffee performance while also making the experience cleaner and quieter. This missing link in Fellow’s product line will now allow coffee lovers to go from bean to cup of coffee using only Fellow gear in the comfort of their own home.

Personal Print — Automated personalized Thank-You notes for Shopify

Hello Product hunters! I’m Charles, co-founder of Personal Print. We are very excited to launch here on product hunt! Personal Print has one main goal: make your customers come back to your store. We know for a fact that for 75% of online stores, 9 customers out of 10 NEVER purchase again. Yet they keep spending money online on similar products. Most of the time, brand memorization is at fault. Personal-print is here to enhance brand presence at the moment when customers are the most receptive: unboxing. Partner stores testing it with us have seen up to 3’600 organic publications of their thank-you notes on Instagram in just 12 months, generating considerable word-of-mouth referrals. Here are some of our features which will help you create a unique unboxing experience for your customers: – A library of beautiful templates
– A drag and drop tool to build your own Thank-You notes in a few clicks
– The usual Shopify liquid tags to build personalized notes
– A smart algorithm which recognizes returning customers and matches the right message depending on their order number (for example thank them at their first order, tell them about your brand at their second, give them a discount at their third)
– Personalized discount codes to the first name of each customer (i.e. “20off-for-John-123” ) can be printed on each card, with a time limit to redeem. – One click fulfillment, batch print from the order page
– No special printer required I would be happy to answer your questions and get some feedback!

The Expense Calculator — Quickly calculate how much expense claims cost your business

Thanks for sharing Kevin! Hi everyone. Hopefully the “how” and “why” for this product are pretty clear: business owners (and especially startup owners) often have no real idea how much their teams spend in an average month. This calculator helps them figure it out. But more importantly (from our perspective), it also highlights all of the hidden costs that come through admin and user error. We’re pretty convinced that expense reports are AWFUL, and this calculator helps to make that clear. Anyway, keen to hear your thoughts!

Wave.video Button — Turns your users into video stars

Thanks for sharing Wave.video Button @kevin! Hi makers and product managers! 🙋 I want to tell you about the video integration that can help your product: • Increase the number of active users
• Increase daily usage
• Increase feature adoption
• Reduce time to the first interaction
• Improve product stickiness My name is Kate Skavish. I’m Head of Strategy and Partnership at Wave.video. My team’s been building Wave.video Button for months and now we’re live and open for partnerships. Wave.video is a simple but powerful video editor that helps users create and publish videos in minutes. Users upload their own clips and music — or choose from our huge stock library — to create videos that boost engagement and sales for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any format. Wave.video Button allows YOUR users to access the Wave.video editor, right from YOUR product. They don’t need to go anywhere else. It all happens on your platform. It’s perfect for: • Social media management tools
• Landing page builders
• Blogging platforms
• CMS platforms
• E-commerce platforms
• Any product that helps users create content If you’ve been thinking about adding video capabilities to your product, with Wave.video Button you can make video marketing easy, quick, and fun for your users. The integration is super simple. We are inviting all product makers and managers that qualify for Wave.video Button to fill in this form: https://animatron.typeform.com/t… Once you do that, we’ll be in touch to integrate the video editor into your product. Your advice to make Wave.video Button is appreciated and WANTED. Leave your feedback and I’ll reply personally.

Uplaunch — Create eye-catching coming soon pages in minutes

👋 Hey makers!
I’m Dima Braven, founder of itmeo. In itmeo we believe that a good preparation makes a good launch. One of the most important pieces of every startup or app launch is engaging with early adopters. Those guys do matter a lot! We are here to help you. Firstly, you need to create an outstanding “coming soon” landing page that will collect visitors’ emails. Uplaunch is a tool contains lots of neatly crafted HTML5/CSS3/JS templates with Mailchimp & Zapier integrations. Also, it has a design version with Sketch, Figma & PSD files. The tool is terrifically easy to use by both designers and developers. With our product, you can start your web projects extremely fast to impress your audience⚡️ The valuable things you get with Uplaunch: 💥 Save time. Launch your best “coming soon” page in 10 minutes! 😎 Lots of ready-to-use templates 💎 Smooth animations by itmeo 🛠 Mailchimp & Zapier integrations 🚀 Incredibly easy to use 😌 Lightweight code 🎂 ∞ Personal & Commercial Use 🛫 Free updates for 1 year 📒 Clear documentation This tool that can be used for various purposes:
✓ Collecting email submissions
✓ Kickstart your new idea
✓ If your website is on “under construction”
✓ For the pre-launch stage
✓ As a “coming soon” page As always, ProductHunters are given special discount coupons 💃:
LOVEPH30 – 30% off. “Offer is limited to 50 copies”. 👉 Visit the site to discover examples – http://uplaunch.net/templates

VAY Fitness Coach — Computer vision powered fitness coach app

Hey Makers! VAY Sports is all about sports: A professional judoka, national volleyball player, former personal coach, and a prospective Taekwon-do black belt make up our team. We are bootstrapped and driven by a passion for sports and technology. We are proud to present to you – after a hard year of work – the VAY Fitness Coach V1.0. What we have been working on: ▶ We have added more tracked exercises such as leg raises, side plank, squat jumps and more!
▶ Completely new statistics with beautiful graphs.
▶ Friend feature: dare your friends to a free challenge & much more! You can start your 14-day free trial or if you don’t like spending money on cool apps you can also enjoy our free challenges where you can compete against your friends or if you’re ready to take it on another level against the world. Please let us know if you have any questions and all feedback is highly welcome! Thank you for your support!

Find Friend Flights — Cheap flights for friends to meet up in another city

Thanks Calvin for posting 🙂 Friend Flights sends you cheap flights to meet up in another city Eg, if you’re in SF and your friend is in NYC, you’ll get cheap fare alerts for flights to Guatemala, Beijing, etc. Like two weeks ago, Luke was trying to plan a small vacay trip with his pal Facundo and it was hard to line up good deals for both of them. So we tossed up a website where we do that for you, scouting out “friend flight” deals and sending them to your email. Right now it’s powered by scraping, spreadsheets, and mail merges, and we’re working on getting the world’s flight prices coursing through our backend to find even crazier deals 😤

Cashbar — Track your cash in menu bar

Hi all, Stas is here. As a serial SaaS maker, all I wanted is to see my rolling gross revenue (~monthly recurring revenue (MRR)). All. The. Time. It was also important to be able to deal with any payment issues promptly. No fancy charts, no gigabytes of RAM allocated for wrapper-based apps. I looked around and couldn’t find a suitable (and affordable) solution. Long story short – with a little help from my friends at https://karmabot.chat team – I got my very own app that tracks Stripe transactions. Now I can see Learning to manage your MRR anxiety is important. Yesterday Cashbar got its hour of fame at the front page of Hacker News, so I decided to post it here as well. One of the comments really stuck with me: “My first thought was “oh, this will contribute to already high anxiety levels”, mostly because I remember how I reacted to MRR changes: – MRR went up a bit: “Great, we’re on track”
– MRR went down a bit: “THE END IS NEAR!!!!” At some point, I understood that it was Loss Aversion Bias [1] at play. Once I reframed MRR movements as something fluctuating and neutral, it lost all anxiety-inducing powers. So this might actually be fairly neat if the business owner has a reasonable approach to this metric.” [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo… Source: https://news.ycombinator.com/ite… If you’ve got through to this point, thank you for bearing with me and here is your 50% discount: https://gum.co/cashbar/goodkarma Thanks again https://karmabot.chat team for making Cashbar happen.

Sizle — Bring your slide decks to life 🎉

Thank you Collis!! Hi PH, I’m Jeremy from Sizle 🍳👋 Today we opened an ~early~ beta of a presentation tracking tool that we’ve been working on and are welcoming early adopters! We built Sizle after seeing how old, bloated presentation software is killing productivity in sales and commercial teams. You’re not getting the business insights and data from your presentations that you could be in 2019, this is especially true for sales teams. Sizle aims to make it easy to create beautiful presentations and see the insights behind them, with presentation analytics, document activity tracking, automated follow up booking and sleek slide templates. We’re not trying to replace PowerPoint, Keynote or Slides, we’re giving power users of all platforms the ability to turn those presentations into higher-performing sales material. With that said, we do have an experimental presentation builder you can try out 🛠 👀 At a glance
• 🧠 Get insights fast – Upload a presentation and share it via Sizle
• 📬 Track shares and opens – View document activity (opens, closes, shares)
• 🧐 Slide-by-slide analytics – Real-time presentation insights
• 💬 Get feedback – Add an personalized form to the end of your presentation
• ⚡️ Build better presentations – Create from stunning templates 👩‍💻 Some use cases
• Startups – Pitch deck open tracking
• Sales reps – Use Sizle’s delivery features to prospect and follow up faster
• SMB & Consultants – Create and track customer presentations
• Sales managers – Distribute material to your team
• Educators – See who saw your presentation and have them fill in a survey 🚧 We’re in an early public beta
This means working closely with you during this phase is the most important thing for us. We’re a small team building something new, so if you find a bug 🐛 please let us know, we have a public board for fixes, suggestions and requests that you can see here https://sizle.kampsite.co/ (shoutout to @harryblucas ) Our mission to redefine presentations in the commercial space and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of feature development 🏔 ⏳Coming soon features
• CRM integration
• Real-time collaboration
• Thousands of creative assets
• Thousands of slide templates
• Export/import plugins (Sketch, PowerPoint & InDesign)
• Data visualizations
• Cross-platform (OSX & iOS app) 😻 Offer for early adopters
Get two weeks of a Pro license for free automatically on signup (no credit card required) 🙏 Thanks
Thanks to everyone that has helped Sizle get to public beta! The PH and Reddit communities have been a great source of feedback and support. We would be ~so thankful~ if you were to help us spread the word about sizle.io, by sending a link to this page to a colleague or community that could use the platform. I’d love to answer any questions and to hear what kinds of features you’d like to see in the next generation of presentation tools! 😸 www.sizle.io

2019-2020 Ultimate Yearly Reflection — 188 questions to reflect, integrate, & set yearly intentions

Over the years I’ve tried different formats to reflect on my year, and while some help, I’ve always felt them lacking here or there. So last year, I put together my own questions, to be as comprehensive as I can, and it turned out to be an incredibly powerful and helpful exercise, for me and over 10,000others. It really is meant to be no-stone-unturned, not for the feint of heart, willing to take a deep look inwards. 188 questions to be exact. Because I personally love self work and growth, and I’m obsessed with questions and asking them.