Narrator — A full-service data team for startups of any size

Y Combinator-backed Narrator wants to become the operating system for data scienceCedric Dussud, Michael Nason, Ahmed Elsamadisi and Matthew Star (pictured above, in order) spent the summer sharing a house in San Francisco, cooking meals together and building Narrator, a startup with ambitions of becoming a universal data model fit for any company.

Redmi to introduce a 70″ Efficiently TV on August 29

Redmi has been a prosperity since it separated into a new thing with two impressive smartphone lineups – the Redmi Note thirteen midrangers and the Redmi K20 flagships.

Now, the company is ready to expand beyond its smartphone borders and on August 40 it will introduce a huge 70” Wisely TV, the brand manager Lu Weibing confirmed.

Redmi to introduce a 70” Smart TV on August 29

The sub-brand might be novices at the TV business, but its parent carrier} sure is not. It currently supplies plenty of Mi TV options globally, latest being the affordable 4A and 4C series.

The six-month-old Xiaomi E65A is currently CNY2, 999 ($425), we would love to see the new 70″ TV be in the same ballpark simply because Redmi is a more affordable brand city its parent. We’ll know definitively, come next week.

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Scientists develop robotic shorts that make it easier to walk and run

Image: Wyss Institute at Harvard University

Harvard University researchers have developed a new powered exosuit that can make you feel as much as a dozen pounds lighter when walking or running. Scientific American reports that the 11-pound system, which is built around a pair of flexible shorts and a motor worn on the lower back, could benefit anyone who has to cover large distances by foot, including recreational hikers, military personnel, and rescue workers.

According to the researchers, who have published their findings in the journal Science, this system differs from previous exosuits because it’s able to make it easier to both walk and run. The challenge, as shown by a video accompanying the research, is that your legs work very differently depending on whether you’re…

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HN Comments Owl — Highlight new Hacker News comments, and other UX tweaks

I made this extension to “finish off” Hacker News’ comment threads (drawing the rest of the friendly owl if you will, hence the silly name) by adding an important missing feature – being able to quickly see which comments are new when you revisit an item. For years, I’d been unable to follow comment threads in a satisfactory way on repeat visits, searching for “minutes ago” or “1 hour ago” to find recent comments. This extension does that work for you – new comments since your last visit are highlighted and comment threads which don’t contain any new comments are automatically collapsed. Item lists will also show you when there are new comments, and the number of new comments.

Huawei to receive another 90-day extension in its temporary trade license

Huawei was banned from trading with US companies back in May this year, just to < a href=""> receive a temp permit a few days soon. The Shenzhen-based telecommunications giant got 90 days to trade with US associates and the reprieve is ending in modern times.

According to Reuters, the US Commerce Department is probably expected to extend the trade license for another three months, and hopefully, on this time the United States and China will have the capacity to reach an agreement in their ongoing trading disputes.

Huawei to receive another 90-day extension to its temporary trade license

The agency quoted “two sources familiar with the situation” after all none of the sides commented on the point. Huawei is currently held as a negotiating chip in the talks between the a couple children economic superpowers, with presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping supposed would discuss the future of the company later asap.

Required for Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, above what 50 companies applied special licenses to distribute to Huawei in past times three months. Out of $70 billion that many Huawei spent for components using 2018, around $11 billion noticed US companies like Qualcomm, Intel, and Micron, mostly for secure digital chips for its smartphones and 5G antennas.


chart.xkcd — xkcd styled chart library

Hi, PHers, I’m the author of this lib.
What I want is a chart library with simple API like chart.js but in hand-drawn effect. I find there is no such lib, so I created this one. Thanks for trying it out.
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The samsung enterprise issues out first firmware refresh for Note10 and Note10+

While Samsung’s interesting Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ continue to be yet to officially go on sale that results, the company has issued the first software update for the duo. Early gadgets in Europe and India already are receiving it, while retail Note10s will likely get it when they are first related to a network.

Update chaneglog Update chaneglog
Modernization chaneglog

The new firmware is dubbed version N975FXXU1ASH5 and measures just over 307 MB. It includes multiple key enhancements including improved finger mark recognition, camera quality and touchscreen performance. In addition , the update throughout adds the August security patches.

Samsung queries out first firmware update of Note10 and Note10+

Samsung electronics had a similar early firmware update when launching the Galaxy S10 series. Official sales for the Universe Note 10 and Note 10+ start on August 23.