Realme 1 and Realme U1 up-date brings Dark Mode and content security patches

With how many devices it’s been churning out as of late, it’s easy to forget within Realme is still a pretty young mark. And, as it turns out, one that hasn’t forgotten about the handsets it formed last year. Case in point: both the Realme 1 and the < a href=""> Realme U1 are now receiving a new personal computer update, that brings them Dingy Mode as well as the latest security fixes.

Both of these processes phones will be on the October 0.9, 2019 security patch level when you finally apply the update. They both choices get the same changelog, except for should become aware of the U1 will also add a “partial scene camera effect optimization”.

Realme 1 and Realme U1 update brings Dark Mode and latest security patches

Usually, regardless of which one you have, you can expect to identify Realme laboratory added, as well as a changed switch in the notification panel, Request cloner support for more third-party software programs, a manual lock function functions by long pressing the power device, and Google’s Digital Wellbeing is often on board too. Additionally , some of the physique UI has been optimized, and the announcement center style has been redesigned.

The new ausgabe that’s rolling out now is RMX1831EX_11_C. 15 for the Realme U1, and as a consequence CPH1861EX_11_C. 45 for the Realme one Currently these have reached around five per cent of users already, and every professional of these devices should receive the appropriate add new content to within the next week or so.

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Full Page Screen Capture — Generates a full-length web page screenshot for free

Hey hunters! I’m sure you also had moments when you need a full website screen including a scroll area, where most of the content is hidden on a regular screen.
About a week ago I saw that there are Youtube tutorials for taking a screenshot of a screen, where the author scrolls down a page and takes multiple screenshots, then using Photoshop he gets out a full-page screenshot by merging those images. Honestly, it was terrible 🙂 That’s why we decided to put together very basic functionality to take a full-page height screenshot and get a public sharable link.
Enjoy and share!

LG G8X ThinQ lands in the US to do with November 1 along with the Dual Page accessory

LG ELECTRONICS heard you like having extra monitor real estate on your phone, so down at IFA last month it published the G8X with the Dual Screen accessory. This Korean company definitely seems to think you’ll settle for such a setup instead of going for a phone that has a foldable screen, and it will soon have the chance to prove that it’s right.

That’s because the < a href=""> LG G8X and LG Combined Screen are going accessible for sale in the US starting on November one Major wireless providers and across the nation retailers will offer them, including Hoyden, AT& T, and Sprint. Pre-orders begin on Friday, October twenty-five. The price for an unlocked LG G8X ThinQ bundled with the Dual Display will be $699. 99.

LG G8X ThinQ lands in the US on November 1 along with the Dual Screen accessory

LG promises that you may find the bundle sold along its wireless partners, “contingent located on available promotions and consumer qualifications at those partners”, for as short as $300. So if you’re interested in this call up and its unique accessory, definitely look for your favorite carrier’s introductory promotions.

Its LG G8X has a 6. 4-inch 1080×2340 OLED touchscreen, the Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of MAIN MEMORY, 128GB of expandable storage, a dual 12 MP (standard) + 13 MP (ultrawide) rear which can be system, a 32 MP selfie snapper, and a 4, 000 mAh battery. It runs Android being unfaithful Pie.

The LG Dual Screen is largely a snap-on case that says a second display to the device, which often can the same size and resolution simply because the built-in one. Additionally , it’s got a canopy display that shows essentials love notifications, date, time, and lingering battery life at a glance. With its 360-degree “Freestop” hinge, the Dual Screen would be able to lock into any angle.


SoftBank takes over 80 percent of WeWork

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

WeWork and SoftBank have announced a deal that will see the Japanese tech giant buy out around 80 percent of the beleaguered real estate company. Marcelo Claure, the former CEO of Sprint — which SoftBank acquired in 2012 — will be the new executive chairman at WeWork. Adam Neumann, the founder and CEO who is receiving more than a billion dollars to leave, will become a “board observer” without voting power. Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham remain co-CEOs of WeWork.

SoftBank is already WeWork’s largest investor, to the tune of more than $10 billion. The new deal includes $5 billion in further funding, $1.5 billion that had already been pledged for the future, and a $3 billion tender offer for existing shareholders outside SoftBank….

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Huawei doesn’t want to replace Android, specifically Google Mobile Services

Back when Huawei introduced the device’s HarmonyOS operating system, speculations quickly arose that future phones will deciced on that over Android. Since then we seen the debut of the Mate 30 series which still crafts with an AOSP build of Among the best and is notably lacking Google Mobile réversible Services (GMS).

Huawei will stick to Android but needs alternative to Google Mobile Services says PR head

Huawei’s President of Global Media and Communications, Joy Suntan confirmed that the company will are nevertheless rely on Android for its phones within the next few years as switching to a different OS will not only require several years of work but would also be detrimental for consumer guarantee. With so many Huawei users dependent on GMS, the company would rather focus its link on further expanding its own Huawei Mobile Services to serve as an alternative.

Supply of electricity strong app ecosystem, Huawei will not be able to offer its international users a viable choice. On the other hand, enticing a large enough things developer community is no easy accomplishment but it would still be the sensible move for Huawei at this point.

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Podchaser — Discover new podcasts in real-time

Hello, hello! I’m Bradley – one of the founders and CEO of Podchaser, writing you from Louisville, KY. Podchaser was born on a Reddit thread in r/podcasts discussing the ability to rate and review individual podcast episodes. From that thread, I met our CTO Ben, a talented, bearded developer in Australia. After putting our heads together, we assembled a team from across the globe and decided to tackle a much more ambitious project – becoming the agnostic source of crucial metadata in podcasting. We got to building custom lists with annotations, a universal ratings system, a crowd-sourced credits system now boasting 3M+ credits, easy ways to follow friends, and more! Now, all of that hard work comes together with The Feed! The goal of The Feed is to unearth the goldmine of long-forgotten backlog content while also displaying what’s new and topical in podcasting. We hope you enjoy and we’ll be hanging around for any questions! Boomer lives!

C’mon Google, do a Pixel cereal box giveaway for real

Screenshot from OliWhiteVlogs (YouTube)

Creamy, crunchy, deliriously sweet kids’ cereal and milk was my nectar and ambrosia growing up. I would have eaten that stuff day and night — even if there weren’t toys occasionally waiting inside. Those days I got my Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs and a chance at a delightful new toy? Those were the best.

Sadly, Google’s marketing team didn’t quite capture that nostalgia in a new Pixel 4 giveaway — because the picture you see above (and its associated video) is a terrible, terrible lie.

Can you imagine the anticipation of cracking open a box of cereal wondering if a free $800+ smartphone is inside? That an explosion of alkali-processed cocoa and disintegrated corn…

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