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@0x1ad2 Thanks so much and happy to share some details! – For the framework Divjoy uses Next.js. Yup it’s a Next.js app for creating Next.js apps. – It’s actually completely static and deployed to ZEIT Now. Storing data in flat JSON files was an easy way to cut corners and launch faster. Eventually, of course, we’ll have an accounts, a DB, etc, but for now it’s pretty nice knowing it can scale endlessly πŸ™‚ – So many challenges where to start.. Figuring out the right abstraction for the code generation engine was a huge challenge. Depending on the stack options the user chooses there are a lot specific things that need to differ in the exported code. For instance if their template requires API endpoints I need to generate those, include different dev scripts in package.json, create the code for those endpoints in the right format for their selected host (serverless functions, express.js, etc), and then customize the exported readme.md. This deserves a blog post I think. – The editor was super fun to build. I was able to take advantage of https://github.com/frontend-coll…, which probably saved me a few months time, but it still required a lot of custom work and performance tuning. – I was also lucky to be able to take advantage of some of CodeSandbox’ open source libraries for powering live preview. One of my main bits of advice to anyone trying to undertake an ambitious project is to spend significant time searching for open source options. Even set aside a full week to do that. It could mean launching in months vs years (or never).

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro to arrive which has 30W charging, already certified wearing EEC

Xiaomi introduced its CC lineup included in the Mi family for curious and simply creative people. There are currently two smartphones and they are mainly midrangers — Mi CC9 and the cheaper in addition to lighter Mi CC9e . Now, a third model called Mi CC9 Pro is incoming, and according to multiple to discover, it is already being certified along various markets.

A device with model no, M1910M4E was spotted on 3C to arrive with a 30W fast-charging components in the box, while a similar voice masked behind the M1910M4G nick name is officially certified by the Cross Economic Commission.

3C certification, revealing the 30W charger
3C certification, revealing the 30W charger

Some rumors taken from earlier suggested the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro will have a Snapdragon 730G chipset. We haven’t caught the phone yet, so we don’t am positive anything about the cameras, but since finally the cheaper variants both have a trΓ­plice 48 MP + 8 MEGA PIXEL wide-angle + 2 MP degree sensor combo, it is safe which will assume the Pro will also carry those shooters.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro to reach with 30W charging, already eligible in EEC

The Una CC9 smartphones have Super AMOLED panels, which is definitely an upgrade over an LCD solution. Usually the battery could remain 4, 030 mAh, and the user interface is likely to choose to stay MIUI 10, based on Android Pata, although we would love to see MIUI 11 on Android Q.

The EEC document, confirming the model number
The EEC certification, confirming the model digits

Since the device is already factory for selling with its charger, they are safe to assume the new is usually an will be official in a couple of weeks. The top question remains whether it will be categorised as Mi CC9 Pro or Xiaomi has something else up its outter.


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Hi PH πŸ‘‹ Code News co-founder here. This is our second iteration of our side-project and life’s work called Code News. πŸ“– Story
We started our journey in May 2019 when we gather to work on our little side project in order to make something of value for us and our collegues coders. πŸ“ˆ Growth
We launched at first on Google Play and we are growing constantly day by day, which motivated us to create feature after feature and launch an iOS version also:
πŸš€ Now
We’ve launched a different number of features based on the recieved feedback: πŸ“± iOS App version 1.0
βœ… Integrated a lot more news sources
πŸ”” Get notified when news related to your interests are fetched
⚑️ Bolt your favorite news to reach the top list for others to read
🌟 Rebrand Thank you again for this community. We would love to head your thoughts!
Happy coding πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

Realme 1 and Realme U1 up-date brings Dark Mode and content security patches

With how many devices it’s been churning out as of late, it’s easy to forget within Realme is still a pretty young mark. And, as it turns out, one that hasn’t forgotten about the handsets it formed last year. Case in point: both the Realme 1 and the < a href="https://www.gsmarena.com/realme_u1-9413.php"> Realme U1 are now receiving a new personal computer update, that brings them Dingy Mode as well as the latest security fixes.

Both of these processes phones will be on the October 0.9, 2019 security patch level when you finally apply the update. They both choices get the same changelog, except for should become aware of the U1 will also add a “partial scene camera effect optimization”.

Realme 1 and Realme U1 update brings Dark Mode and latest security patches

Usually, regardless of which one you have, you can expect to identify Realme laboratory added, as well as a changed switch in the notification panel, Request cloner support for more third-party software programs, a manual lock function functions by long pressing the power device, and Google’s Digital Wellbeing is often on board too. Additionally , some of the physique UI has been optimized, and the announcement center style has been redesigned.

The new ausgabe that’s rolling out now is RMX1831EX_11_C. 15 for the Realme U1, and as a consequence CPH1861EX_11_C. 45 for the Realme one Currently these have reached around five per cent of users already, and every professional of these devices should receive the appropriate add new content to within the next week or so.

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Full Page Screen Capture β€” Generates a full-length web page screenshot for free

Hey hunters! I’m sure you also had moments when you need a full website screen including a scroll area, where most of the content is hidden on a regular screen.
About a week ago I saw that there are Youtube tutorials for taking a screenshot of a screen, where the author scrolls down a page and takes multiple screenshots, then using Photoshop he gets out a full-page screenshot by merging those images. Honestly, it was terrible πŸ™‚ That’s why we decided to put together very basic functionality to take a full-page height screenshot and get a public sharable link.
Enjoy and share!

LG G8X ThinQ lands in the US to do with November 1 along with the Dual Page accessory

LG ELECTRONICS heard you like having extra monitor real estate on your phone, so down at IFA last month it published the G8X with the Dual Screen accessory. This Korean company definitely seems to think you’ll settle for such a setup instead of going for a phone that has a foldable screen, and it will soon have the chance to prove that it’s right.

That’s because the < a href="https://www.gsmarena.com/lg_g8x_thinq_first_look_hands_on-review-1980.php"> LG G8X and LG Combined Screen are going accessible for sale in the US starting on November one Major wireless providers and across the nation retailers will offer them, including Hoyden, AT& T, and Sprint. Pre-orders begin on Friday, October twenty-five. The price for an unlocked LG G8X ThinQ bundled with the Dual Display will be $699. 99.

LG G8X ThinQ lands in the US on November 1 along with the Dual Screen accessory

LG promises that you may find the bundle sold along its wireless partners, “contingent located on available promotions and consumer qualifications at those partners”, for as short as $300. So if you’re interested in this call up and its unique accessory, definitely look for your favorite carrier’s introductory promotions.

Its LG G8X has a 6. 4-inch 1080×2340 OLED touchscreen, the Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of MAIN MEMORY, 128GB of expandable storage, a dual 12 MP (standard) + 13 MP (ultrawide) rear which can be system, a 32 MP selfie snapper, and a 4, 000 mAh battery. It runs Android being unfaithful Pie.

The LG Dual Screen is largely a snap-on case that says a second display to the device, which often can the same size and resolution simply because the built-in one. Additionally , it’s got a canopy display that shows essentials love notifications, date, time, and lingering battery life at a glance. With its 360-degree “Freestop” hinge, the Dual Screen would be able to lock into any angle.