Mobovi TicWatch Pro LTE variant making their way to Verizon

Without delay, Digital Trends offers some insight more than new Wear OS-powered smartwatch totally from Mobovi. The company’s latest smartwatch is the Mobovi Ticwatch Pro, their Wear OS-powered wearable centered present fitness features like GPS together with built-in heart-rate monitor and NFC for Google Pay.

Digital Tastes spotted a different squeeze page when it went to Mobovi’s website. Our page teased a new TicWatch Expert that was “Powered by Verizon” but the teaser has since been disassembled. The teaser strongly suggests that a meaningful variant of the TicWatch is coming as well as support for Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

We don’t know any other specifics of the new variant of the watch, nonetheless , we imagine it’s a 4G alternative of the existing smartwatch. The tell of speculates the possibility of a brand new watch, citing the wording of the teaser in the form of “The new TicWatch Pro. A 4G-enabled variant of the watch could make in addition answer calls, send text messages and take up other tasks without the need for a phone to be tethered via Bluetooth.

The TicWatch Pro is the perfect Wear TE smartwatch to bring a 4G variant since it uses dual display technologies. An OLED panel controls Dress yourself in OS as normal, but it electrical switches to an ambient LCD display that utilizes less power to really stretch time between charges.

A side-effect of this technology ‘s the need for a larger watch body and additionally display, so we wonder if adding 4G connectivity will require the watch to be including thicker still, as is usually possible between Wi-Fi and cellular changes of other smartwatches.

The Wi-Fi/Bluetooth variety of the TicWatch Pro currently selects $249 so you can expect a Verizon-enabled variant to cost more than why. If you don’t already have one, a dedicated smartwatch line for Verizon customers will set you back $10 a month.


Great samsung Galaxy Note10 coming in late Ones, iPhone 11 in late September

We all know that Samsung’s next flagship device, the Galaxy Note10, will be coming in August as long as iPhones traditionally come out in Sept. 2010. But it appears there will be a slight move of plans this year according to this leaked Verizon marketing calendar.

Evan Blass, a renown leakster with a good history shared a screenshot taken from Verizon’s marketing calendar forecasting a Galaxy Note10 release sometime in the third 1 week of August instead of the first as usual.

About that contradicts earlier reports of August 10 just as one release date . The 2019 iPhones, on the other hand, will be pushed go back to the end of September, probably round the third or fourth week.

There’s also my Google Pixel 4 in mid-October but we knew that wihtout a doubt.


E3 proved that video game publishers want to become Netflix

With the first details coming out around the next Xbox and PlayStation, you might expect those upcoming consoles to be the buzz of this year’s E3. But instead, subscription services have become the talk of the show, as seemingly every console maker and game publisher looks to shift the way that games are sold.

Every major publisher is racing to offer the first real “Netflix for games,” selling games to players via a monthly subscription service. Ubisoft is launching its own subscription service, UPlay Plus, and Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix is also looking to launch one too. That’s on top of Microsoft spending millions of dollars acquiring game studios in an attempt to fill out its catalog for Game Pass subscribers; EA’s Origin…

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Microsoft xCloud and Google Stadia hands-on: Why I can’t compare them yet

Cloud gaming is the undeniably industry-altering shadow looming over this year’s E3 video game conference. Paired with the rise of subscription services, the idea of running games from remote servers could not only change how they’re are played, distributed and sold, but even how games are developed, thanks to the promise of running software off the equivalent of multiple consoles strung together.

The two frontrunners in the race are Google and Microsoft, two of the tech industry’s most powerful companies and two of the largest players in the existing cloud computing market. Both have the infrastructure, the expertise, and the resources to get cloud gaming off the ground, and we’re seeing that right now as Microsoft’s xCloud and Google…

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Huawei is apparently showing ads on lockscreens for some of its phones

A number of Huawei phone owners have noticed that their devices have suddenly begun displaying ads in their lockscreens, according to Android Police.

Users began complaining yesterday that ads from have appeared on their phones. 9to5Google notes that a variety of phones appear to be displaying them, and that Huawei appears to have slipped them into the phone’s Magazine Unlock feature. That feature allows users to have a rotating set of images on their lockscreen, which change every time they unlock their phone.

We’ve reached out to Huawei and for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.

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Where ‘The Outer Worlds’ gets its sense of humor

In The Outer Worlds, there are specially bred swine called "cystypigs." You find them in a factory farm near Fallbrook, a smuggler's town on a distant planet. Maybe you climbed through the sewers and emerged face to ass with one, or entered through t…