Google’s Personal Safety app detects car accidents and automatically calls 911

The Apple Watch’s fall detection has already been credited with saving lives, and now Google is applying that sort of thinking to car safety. According to XDA Developers, Google is at work on a Personal Safety app with “car crash detection.” With the help of various sensors including the accelerometer and even the microphone, Pixel phones will attempt to detect an accident. If one occurs, the phone will loudly sound an alarm, and if there’s no response, it will automatically call 911 and provide your location to emergency services in the US.

XDA Developers managed to catch the Play Store listing that Google posted prematurely, which included several screenshots of the Personal Safety app. Based on those images, people will have more…

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You don’t need Dyson’s $649 Pure Cryptomic air purifier to get formaldehyde out of your house

Dyson’s latest air purifier, the Pure Cryptomic, can eliminate formaldehyde that’s floating around in your home. It’s the main selling point that distinguishes this model from the presently-available Pure Cool and Pure Hot + Cool, which can only capture formaldehyde, not destroy it. But before you drop $649 on a formaldehyde-fighting device there are a few things that you should know.

First, it is almost guaranteed that there is formaldehyde in your home. Formaldehyde is just about everywhere. It’s a chemical that’s found in your body, in the environment, and in furniture and wood products. People tend to hear about it in conjunction with health problems, and it’s true — when there’s enough of it in the air, formaldehyde can irritate…

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Dyson’s latest air purifier destroys formaldehyde

You may not know this, but formaldehyde could be one of the many pollutants in your home causing irritation to your eyes, nose and throat. Existing air purifiers remove the compound from the environment by using activated charcoal, but that process s…

Most significant Saudi online retailer leaks Movimento One Macro

Major Saudi online retailer leaks Moto One Macro

The latest variant of the Moto One series was spotted making use of Saudi Arabian retail website, while the listing has been taken down. A tipster provided us with an image of the item and some of the specs from the advertising.

This particular spotted device is called the Motocicleta One Macro and its headline present could be a 2MP macro camera. The treadmill has two other main cameras: a primary 13Mp sensor and another 2MP sensor, which we suspect to become depth sensor.

Moto One Macro Moto One Macro

Based on the icon above, we are also looking at laser light assisted autofocus and a rear finger mark scanner. There is also a notched display by having a tall aspect ratio.

Its also told feature 2GB of RAM and so was listed on retailer Extra ’s website of SAR 899, which converts in order to about ~$240. Motorola continues to build up its “Moto One” series glide Android One and the Moto Macro is the latest anticipated device. Now we wonder if the One Macro will make the to Western markets considering it has the existence is anticipated for the Old East.

The One Macro has also been spotted in a leaked live photo on top of that scored on Geekbench running a Helio P60 and Android Pie. Just over a week ago, the Taiwanese NCC a certificate the phone – indicating an estimation launch.

Thanks for the tip, Saad !

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Leak reveals Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7, 15-inch Surface Laptop, and ARM-powered Surface

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Microsoft’s new Surface lineup appears to have leaked almost in its entirety, thanks to product images obtained by journalist and leaker Evan Blass. Blass posted a series of images to his Twitter account this evening featuring what he says are the upcoming Surface Pro 7, Surface Laptop 3 (13-inch and 15-inch), and an ARM-powered Surface 2-in-1 device.

The images look authentic, and Blass has a storied track record of getting his hands on pre-release images of countless devices over the years. Blass also ended his series of tweets with yet another product announcement, “Not pictured here: dual-screen Surface,” although that seems to indicate Blass may have an image to share later.

Microsoft is expected to announce all of these…

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Gmail releases new #SwitchtoPixel ads expecting Pixel 4

Google is determined to announce the Pixel 4 and six XL on September 15 and the phone has already leaked out on several previous occasions. Offered for sale few ads posted by The internet are touting the Pixel’s a choice of features.

The #SwitchtoPixel campaign consists of additional videos released on the ‘Made via Google’ YouTube channel. Each movie clips features customer testimonies of their viewpoints pertaining to Unlimited Google Photos cargo room, camera experience, process of transferring data, and battery life.

The ‘Get it Together’ tutorial above shows a person’s testimony with an older-generation Pixel, and while some can potentially argue it may be irrelevant to the future Pixel 4, Tim mentions “the little finger pad on the back”. We wonder whether such a few finger pad would be present about a phone that will supposedly use 3 D face unlock with the Motion Foresight hardware.

We already learned that the Mobility Sense feature will be limited towards the number of countries at launch. In the mean time, we’ve learned from countless leakages there will be dual cameras on a État phone for the first time. It will also be within an “ My god so Orange ” tone option, along with Just Black and Absolutely White.

The Pixel 4 will be power by the Snapdragon 855 paired with 6GB of RAM and run Google android 10 out of the box. Rumors in addition have swirled about the possibility of 90Hz platforms as well.


VC Sticker Pack — Let folks know how you can be helpful with this iMessage app

Hey PH! VC Sticker Pack started when a few friends of mine were talking about ideas to work on and “validating” each other’s ideas. I wanted to respond with an iMessage sticker and it didn’t exist, so I decided to make one! It ended up becoming a fun weekend project that attracted a lot of great people from the community. Teaming up with ShrugCap, the community started passing ideas around on Twitter and favorites like vcstarterkit, Philz, Superhuman, and others joined in. It’s a sticker pack built by the community—so if you’ve got ideas to share and suggestions, I’d love to add them!