Figma Font Replacer — Plugin to handle your font families and styles in Figma

Hey, hunters! I’m Kristin Baumann and I love the intersection of Frontend Development, Design and Product Management. The Figma Plugin API was just announced at the beginning of this month. I immediately knew that I want to contribute and solve own of my own problems. Or actually two problems. First, I wanted to have an overview of all the fonts I use throughout my designs. Especially when I start designing from scratch I play around a lot with the fonts and start to loose the overview. So this plugin lists all the font families and styles of the layers that you selected. But then I need to clean up the font mess manually. Selecting all the layers after each other and picking the right font and style just sucks. So with this plugin you can select one or more existing fonts and set the new font with just a few clicks. Hope you like it and that it speeds up your workflow as well! Looking forward to your thoughts, suggestions and comments!

Google Duo’s new low-light mode will make nighttime chats easier

Google is introducing a low-light mode to Duo, its video chatting app, that can detect poor lighting conditions and automatically adjust the picture to illuminate the face in the frame.

In a press release, Google says that this new mode will be a boon to those who want to save on electricity, especially if you, or someone who you know, live in a place affected by frequent power outages. It could be ideal to use when you want to check in with a friend or family member who lives several time zones away and who may therefore be calling from a darkened room or a nighttime street.


Interestingly, low-light mode on Duo is simulated in the app based on the lighting conditions; Google doesn’t mention any reliance on…

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Gradjoy — GradJoy saves you money on all your student loans

Thanks @aaronoleary for hunting! 🎉 Hi PH, I’m Jose one of the founders of GradJoy 👋 We built GradJoy to help us tackle our own student loans. I graduated from UT Austin in May with about $40K in debt. 💸
Couple months before graduating, I was trying to prepare and plan out how I should start paying off my student loans. After a day of fighting clunky websites and excel spreadsheets I was exhausted. We started GradJoy to help me tackle my student debt, and now we are excited to share it with everyone that is also tackling their debt. We are rolling out new features everyday currently with GradJoy you can: ✅ See all your student loans from one place
✅ Simulate your payments and see how much you could save
✅ Get notified of upcoming payment due dates, or any changes with your loans
✅ Understand the pros and cons of refinancing options
✅ Get 100s of refinancing offers, understand how your payments would look like without affecting your credit. We are working on rolling out integrations for private loans, and to allow payments via the app! We’d love to hear about any ideas, experiences, and feedback you might have. 🙏

Oppo announces Enco Q1 active distractions canceling earphones in China

Oppo has publicised Enco Q1 in China, a few active noise canceling earphones included in the company’s new Enco series.

Oppo Enco Q1 Oppo Enco Q1 Oppo Enco Q1
Oppo Enco Q1

The Enco Q1 has a neckband model made from a single piece that goes above your neck without any cuts or possibly a splits. The Q1 will be available for black, white, and orange.

The Enco Q1 features four microphones understanding the two microphones on the outside listen to typically ambient noise and feed that most into the system to cancel the particular noise. Two additional microphones across the earphones listen to the noise inside of ears to further cancel out noise that hopefully will seep in due to inconsistencies with shape of different ears.

Oppo is in spite of that to set a release date to your Enco Q1 or confirm its actual price.

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Apple’s Morning Show logo looks like the one for Elon Musk’s Boring Company

Image: Sean O’Kane

Apple has started promoting The Morning Show, its first big release for the forthcoming TV Plus streaming service, and the logo for the titular show-within-the-show looks just like the one used by Elon Musk’s Boring Company.

While the fonts look slightly different (Apple’s is thicker, for one thing), the similarity is stark. The position of the words “The” and “Show” seem to mimic the offset layout of “The” and “Company” in The Boring Company’s logo, and the “o” in “Morning” is completely filled in just like the one in “Boring.” Apple’s using the logo for The Morning Show in the actual show (on sets and billboards) and also on the show’s social media accounts.

Here they are side by side:

Here’s the description of The Boring Company’s…

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Modern CSV — A CSV editor/viewer

Hi, I’m Evan and I wrote Modern CSV. My coworkers and I kept complaining about how Excel handles CSVs. None of the other CSV editors out there quite addressed our complaints, so I set out to create one that would. I wanted to make something that would load large files really fast, could easily transition between files, and had a lot of cool editing features (we’re coders, so we’re used to manipulating text files with ease. Why not tables?). I hope I’ve succeeded, but I’ll let you be the judge. Personally, in addition to viewing auto-generated CSV files and making input files for programs, I’ve been using it to record bugs, maintain a to-do list, and track personal health information (e.g. diet, exercise, mood, etc.). Here are some of the features it currently has: – Multi-cell editing
– Quickly loads large files (e.g. 100s of millions of rows)
– Easily delete, insert, move, and duplicate rows and columns
– Find/replace with regular expressions
– Sort rows and columns
– Filter rows and columns
– Join and split cells
– Handles cells with commas and double-quotes
– Light and Dark themes And here are some of my future plans for it: – Cell formulas that you can write in Python (this will bring in the ability to do complex math, statistics, FFT, DSP, etc.).
– Scripting (also in Python)
– Plug-ins (ditto Python)
– Figure plotting
– Cell formatting Basically, it would be an alternative spreadsheet for techies and those who don’t like Visual Basic. But these are just my ideas for where to take it. If you have a different idea, let me hear it. Nothing is set in stone. Give it a shot and let me know what you think (good, bad, and/or ugly). Evan

First-gen Razer Phone receives Android Fundamento update

The several Razer Telephone call was released back in 2017 and came with the first 120Hz tv screen on any smartphone. It was potentially one of the first dedicated gaming smartphones, a functional category which has only grown across popularity over the past two years. The phone started on Android 7. 1 . en Nougat and got subsequently updated which will Android 8. 1 Oreo.

First-gen Razer Phone number receives Android Pie update

Starting today however the phone is starting to get its second major update choosing Android 9 Pie is seeded alongside the July security changes. The new firmware comes in at just over 1GB and will likely be the last big upgrade for the phone.

The changelog reveals lists the usual Android 9 goodies including Computer Wellbeing, Adaptive Battery, Gesture Course-plotting and better notification management.

First-gen Razer Phone is awarded Android Pie update

Other additions include bug maintenance tasks and improved performance. As with most software updates, this one comes with a scheduled release date so it can take some weeks until it finally reaches all areas.

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New trailer for Apple’s Morning Show has Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon out for blood

A new trailer for Apple’s first big TV show on its upcoming TV Plus streaming service, The Morning Show, pits Steve Carell, Jennifer Aniston, and Reese Witherspoon against one another as they deal with their own crises.

All three journalists are at different points in their careers: Aniston plays an aging morning anchor, Witherspoon is a reporter who is losing sight of her identity, and Carell is facing the consequences of sexual harassment allegations. Their jobs take center stage in the series, but the show will also focus on the changing landscape of morning broadcast news. The show also “explores ego, ambition and the misguided search for power,” according to a press release from Apple.

The Morning Show’s trailer also gives a…

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