Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G appears as live images

Oppo will introduce the Reno3 lineup on December 26 and we already have seen a lot of press makes and other official images of the Reno3 Pro device, expected to have 5G.

Up until now, we didn’t have live techniques of the device, but thanks to a great Chinese blogger, we finally has to see the Reno3 Pro in the real world.

Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G appears in live images

The Oppo Reno3 Pro blasts the Oppo Reno2, iPhone 3GS, Nokia 5300, and the old-timey Motorola 888 that was so old, even we don not have it in our database.

The blogger ?n contrast the devices and how they made thinner with time, with the Motorola actually 50 mm, then the Nokia generating down do 21. 88 milimeter, while the iPhone 3GS got as thin as possible in 2009 – 12 millimeter.

Motorola 888 Apple iPhone 3GS Nokia 5300 Oppo Reno2 Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G
Motorola 888 • Apple iPhone 3GS • Nokia 5300 • Oppo Reno2 • Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G

Taking into consideration that we are talking about Oppo’s evolution, generally the Reno2 thrown in the mix is 7. 29 mm. With a 7. 8 mm body, the Reno3 might snatch the award for “Thinnest flagship of 2019”, but our leaves the question of what happens with all the needed stuff like a auto battery, glass protection on front as well as , back and actual physical buttons.

There is also the matter all of the 5G modem that will come blended with the Snapdragon 765G chipset.

Find (in Chinese) | Via

A decentralized Twitter would bring the company back to its past

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Today we’re going to talk about Jack Dorsey’s surprise tweetstorm about potentially decentralizing the service — but first, some history.

Death came to the Twitter developer community on August 12th, 2012. In an infamous memo, the company’s head of product divided potential uses of the Twitter API into four quadrants. In the past, developers had been able to make any sort of Twitter app they wanted to — including a full-featured, ad-free Twitter client that they could customize any way they wanted it to.

It was a policy that led Twitter to become, briefly, a design playground for some of the world’s most talented user interface designers. But the policy also ran counter to the vision of Dick Costolo, who had become Twitter’s CEO two…

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Find Friend Flights — Cheap flights for friends to meet up in another city

Thanks Calvin for posting 🙂 Friend Flights sends you cheap flights to meet up in another city Eg, if you’re in SF and your friend is in NYC, you’ll get cheap fare alerts for flights to Guatemala, Beijing, etc. Like two weeks ago, Luke was trying to plan a small vacay trip with his pal Facundo and it was hard to line up good deals for both of them. So we tossed up a website where we do that for you, scouting out “friend flight” deals and sending them to your email. Right now it’s powered by scraping, spreadsheets, and mail merges, and we’re working on getting the world’s flight prices coursing through our backend to find even crazier deals 😤

Great samsung Galaxy M20 and M30 purchase stable Android 10 with One particular UI 2 . 0 in China

Following the quickly than expected roll-out of Mobile 10 to the Galaxy S10 series , The samsung company has begun seeding the stable Only UI 2 . 0 update with the Galaxy M20 and M30 back in India, making them the first non-flagship Samsung electronics devices to receive Android 10. Before anything else, both phones were scheduled shopping bags the big update in January 2020 but Samsung felt confident on top of that decided to treat its users to the useful Android version.

Samsung Galaxy M30 update changelog
Samsung entertainment Galaxy M30 update changelog

The updates come in at just via 1 . 29 GB, which is not very the nearly 2 GB algorithm update for the S10 trio. The M20 gets build number M205FDDU3CSL4 while the M30 bears the M305FDDU3CSL4 build moniker. The 2 main updates also come with the December 2019 security patch and are personal to India for now. This should change in the coming weeks as more regions make added to the list.

Samsung Galaxy M20 and M30 get stable Android 10 with One UI 2 . 0 in India

Android 10 in One UI 2 . 0 fetches a minor visual change with an improved system-wide dark mode, sleeker action and better-optimized app placement on the inside folders. A bigger change comes with the modern Android 10 gestures which affect the home button with a swipe from the end, swipe and hold gets your site your recent apps while a certain inward swipe from either party now serves as the back button.

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Cashbar — Track your cash in menu bar

Hi all, Stas is here. As a serial SaaS maker, all I wanted is to see my rolling gross revenue (~monthly recurring revenue (MRR)). All. The. Time. It was also important to be able to deal with any payment issues promptly. No fancy charts, no gigabytes of RAM allocated for wrapper-based apps. I looked around and couldn’t find a suitable (and affordable) solution. Long story short – with a little help from my friends at https://karmabot.chat team – I got my very own app that tracks Stripe transactions. Now I can see Learning to manage your MRR anxiety is important. Yesterday Cashbar got its hour of fame at the front page of Hacker News, so I decided to post it here as well. One of the comments really stuck with me: “My first thought was “oh, this will contribute to already high anxiety levels”, mostly because I remember how I reacted to MRR changes: – MRR went up a bit: “Great, we’re on track”
– MRR went down a bit: “THE END IS NEAR!!!!” At some point, I understood that it was Loss Aversion Bias [1] at play. Once I reframed MRR movements as something fluctuating and neutral, it lost all anxiety-inducing powers. So this might actually be fairly neat if the business owner has a reasonable approach to this metric.” [1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lo… Source: https://news.ycombinator.com/ite… If you’ve got through to this point, thank you for bearing with me and here is your 50% discount: https://gum.co/cashbar/goodkarma Thanks again https://karmabot.chat team for making Cashbar happen.

Anthem’s winter update, ‘Icetide’ is here

As EA and Bioware reportedly work out a new approach for Anthem, the game is trudging forward with the promised "seasonal" updates. After the "season of skulls" wrapped up in November, a new "Icetide" event has blanketed its world in snow and frost,…

Realme Buds Air officially arriving thanks to wireless charging

After our exclusive leak in regards to the Realme Buds Air arriving having wireless charging, today the Realme India CEO decided to officially welcome it on Twitter. The true cordless headphones will support basic Qi charging, meaning the battery can be considered topped on pretty much every charging bed on the market.

The official launch is scheduled for December 17 – during the exact event we are also going to obtain the Realme X2 appear outside of Chinese suppliers.

The Realme Buds Air will be the first gad-get by the new company to support cellular telephone charging – not even flagship mobile phones like the Realme X2 Pro solution technology. They will also be the first significant wireless headphones – we have already got the Realme Buds Wireless, nevertheless come with a neckband.

Realme Buds Air officially starting with wireless charging

I already know there will be at least three shade options – Black, White, since Yellow. The earpieces will have a complete 12 mm bass boost airport taxi driver and will come with an INR400 discount for everyone who pre-orders the Realme X2 Advantage, Realme XT, Realme 5 Smart, or Realme X. However , we will have to wait until Tuesday for the exact tariff of the Realme Buds Air.


Sizle — Bring your slide decks to life 🎉

Thank you Collis!! Hi PH, I’m Jeremy from Sizle 🍳👋 Today we opened an ~early~ beta of a presentation tracking tool that we’ve been working on and are welcoming early adopters! We built Sizle after seeing how old, bloated presentation software is killing productivity in sales and commercial teams. You’re not getting the business insights and data from your presentations that you could be in 2019, this is especially true for sales teams. Sizle aims to make it easy to create beautiful presentations and see the insights behind them, with presentation analytics, document activity tracking, automated follow up booking and sleek slide templates. We’re not trying to replace PowerPoint, Keynote or Slides, we’re giving power users of all platforms the ability to turn those presentations into higher-performing sales material. With that said, we do have an experimental presentation builder you can try out 🛠 👀 At a glance
• 🧠 Get insights fast – Upload a presentation and share it via Sizle
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• 🧐 Slide-by-slide analytics – Real-time presentation insights
• 💬 Get feedback – Add an personalized form to the end of your presentation
• ⚡️ Build better presentations – Create from stunning templates 👩‍💻 Some use cases
• Startups – Pitch deck open tracking
• Sales reps – Use Sizle’s delivery features to prospect and follow up faster
• SMB & Consultants – Create and track customer presentations
• Sales managers – Distribute material to your team
• Educators – See who saw your presentation and have them fill in a survey 🚧 We’re in an early public beta
This means working closely with you during this phase is the most important thing for us. We’re a small team building something new, so if you find a bug 🐛 please let us know, we have a public board for fixes, suggestions and requests that you can see here https://sizle.kampsite.co/ (shoutout to @harryblucas ) Our mission to redefine presentations in the commercial space and we’re only at the tip of the iceberg of feature development 🏔 ⏳Coming soon features
• CRM integration
• Real-time collaboration
• Thousands of creative assets
• Thousands of slide templates
• Export/import plugins (Sketch, PowerPoint & InDesign)
• Data visualizations
• Cross-platform (OSX & iOS app) 😻 Offer for early adopters
Get two weeks of a Pro license for free automatically on signup (no credit card required) 🙏 Thanks
Thanks to everyone that has helped Sizle get to public beta! The PH and Reddit communities have been a great source of feedback and support. We would be ~so thankful~ if you were to help us spread the word about sizle.io, by sending a link to this page to a colleague or community that could use the platform. I’d love to answer any questions and to hear what kinds of features you’d like to see in the next generation of presentation tools! 😸 www.sizle.io

Opera’s gaming-focused GX browser comes to macOS

If you're one of the many people that play games on your Mac, one thing you may not appreciate is a resource-hog browser. The answer might be Opera's GX, unveiled earlier this year on PC, which is finally available on macOS in early access mode. Oper…

actual iQOO Neo 855 Racing Format goes on sale

The vigente iQOO Neo 855 Racing Format announced last week is actually available for purchase in China.

It comes in two working memory versions – 8GB/128GB priced at CNY2, 598 ($370/€330) and 12GB/128GB that will cost CNY2, 798 ($400/€360).

The iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition is electric power by the Snapdragon 855+ SoC and sports a 6. 38″ FHD+ is with HDR10 support and a fingerprint reader underneath.

vivo iQOO Neo 855 Auto racing Edition announced with Snapdragon 855+ and 33W fast charging

The smartphone runs Android Motivo with Monster UI on top moreover comes with a liquid cooling system with a 10-layer heat dissipation structure. It also comprises of features like Game Box and furthermore Game Space for a better games experience.

In terms of optics, the iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition has a 16MP selfie shooter on the front in addition 12MP main camera on the before accompanied by an 8MP ultrawide while 2MP depth sensor units.

iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition in Iceland Inicio color iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition in Carbon Charcoal color iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition in Light Mint color
iQOO Neo 855 Racing Edition by Iceland Aurora, Carbon Black, and lightweight Mint colors

The iphone packs a 4, 500 mAh battery with 33W fast charging you support and comes in three outstanding – Iceland Aurora, Carbon Blue, and Light Mint.

Source ( in Chinese )