Samsung Galaxy Tab S5 to launch in August with stylus, Snapdragon 855

Samsung announced a new more affordable member of the flagship Galaxy Tab S-series two months ago while the full-fledged flagship model, the Galaxy Tab S5, is yet to arrive. And while doubts arose if it will keep the signature S Pen, which the e-model dropped a new report comes to put us at ease.

A reliable source has confirmed that the flagship model will be coming with an S Pen. It also gave a launch time frame to look forward to – the Galaxy Tab S5 is coming at roughly the same time as the Galaxy Note10.

For the last five years the flagship phablet has always launched in August, so chances are Samsung will maintain the tradition. Just two months to go now.

Finally, the report also mentions some of the Galaxy Tab S5 specs. The tablet will boast a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 6GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage while skipping the 64GB base variant. The last two Galaxy Tab S generations launched with previous-gen chipsets, so it’s nice Samsung is finally bringing its tablets up to speed.


Even without Animal Crossing, Nintendo has an incredible holiday lineup

Nintendo’s E3 presentation was filled with exciting announcements, with a surprise sequel to Breath of the Wild and a pair of new fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. But that was tempered somewhat by news that Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ launch has been pushed from later this year to next March. The animal-filled life-sim was expected to be a major part of the Switch’s always important holiday lineup. But it might not be as big of a blow as it first seems. After playing through a trio of upcoming Switch games here at E3, it’s pretty clear that, even without Animal Crossing, Nintendo has a strong slate for the end of the year. Tom Nook can wait.

Of course the biggest name is Pokémon Sword and Shield, which represent the…

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LG and regulators stand against Qualcomm’s position to withhold antitrust decision

Qualcomm was appointed a supervisor by a US antitrust governing body for being a monopolist in its position of a patent owner and chip manufacturer. Apparently, San Diego has no plans to go under supervision while pursuing an appeal, which pushed LG to file a complaint with the federal court in San Jose, California.

The Korean company claims that Qualcomm is delaying the supervision so it can make LG sign another unfair deal.

The Seoul-based conglomerate was backed by the US Federal Trade Commission, which stated it was in public interest to let the antitrust ruling stand, otherwise, an appeal could take years before any resolution.

The filings are following a decision from last month that ordered Qualcomm to alter the “no license no chip” business model in order to stop its monopoly on the chipset market

Qualcomm said an appeal would be pursued because the decision would entail a radical restructuring of its business relationships in ways that would be impossible to reverse if it wins an appeal. However, the court filing from JongSang Lee, LG’s general counsel, said the phone maker relies on Qualcomm for modem chips and San Diego has been applying pressure on signing a new patent license, since the current one ends on June 30.


3D artist renders the Google Pixel 4 XL

The Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL have been subject to several leaks lately, and today we have a few press renders of the bigger phone to add to it. Endorsed by the typically very accurate @evleaks, these are not official renders but are likely close to the real thing.

Pixel 4 XL renders Pixel 4 XL renders Pixel 4 XL renders Pixel 4 XL renders
Pixel 4 XL renders

However, as you can see by yourselves, the front design is largely different from what we are expecting. We’ve got a full-screen design with tiny bezels all-around and more importantly – no punch-hole dual-camera setup on the front. Even Evan Blass himself said he’s skeptical of the accuracy of the front design.

The back, on the other hand, could very well be on point. It envisions three cameras, which contradicts previous reports of a dual-camera setup, but the squarish bump does match earlier leaks.

In any case, we suggest you keep an open mind until more solid evidence piles up on the Pixel 4 lineup.

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Watch Xiaomi unveil the Mi 9T and Mi Smart Band 4

Xiaomi is having a launch in Europe for its latest phone the Mi 9T, or as some people know it – the Redmi K20. The event is in Milan, Italy, and begins at 4 PM local time.

The Mi 9T is the global variant of the attractive Redmi K20 with a full-screen experience, the 8nm Snapdragon 730 and a 48 MP shooter with a Sony IMX582 sensor. The phone was already posted by the Spanish division of Xiaomi, which makes the Milano event more of a local Italian announcement rather than a global unveiling.

The Mi Band 4 will also make an apppearance under a new name – Mi Smart Band 4. It keeps pretty much most of the Mi Band 3 features, but now has an OLED screen with colors and fancy new rubber bands. It will be priced at €35 and will go on sale on June 26.