Nashville is banning electric scooters after a man was killed

Nashville is banishing the scooters after its first scooter-related death. The city’s mayor David Briley notified seven scooter companies operating in Nashville he was ending the pilot project and banning electric scooters from the streets, according to a letter he posted to Twitter Friday.

“We have seen the public safety and accessibility costs that these devices inflict, and it is not fair to our residents for this to continue,” Briley writes. “If these devices return in the future, it will be after a public process, on our terms, with strict oversight for numbers, safety, and accessibility.”

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Woven Calendar for iMessage — Schedule meetings right from iMessage

easy to use, has all the benefits of calendly built in, can be used across all platforms and updates in real time.

Woven already made my scheduling and calendaring journey and timeline so much better than it was before (think 8-10 hours per week down to less than 1 hour). The addition of iMessage integration makes it that much better and it’s even easier to schedule wherever I am and in whatever thread I’m talking to clients in!

Anna Addoms has used this product for one year.

Javascript Constable — Stop data skimming w/ network activity change detection 🕵️

Besides doing network resource comparisons and lighthouse audits, we also perform 3 other types of change analysis on each and every monitored page: HTML, visual, and extracted text comparisons to the previous captured version. While Javascript Constable ensures that it’s only changes in the network activity that trigger a new alert, we supplement these alerts with these additional comparisons. Why? So that we can provide greater insight into how that new network activity manifests in the DOM.

A new tool detects deepfakes with 96 percent accuracy

A new tool developed by researchers from the USC Information Sciences Institute (USC ISI) may prove to be a major help in the ongoing war against deepfakes. The tool focuses on subtle face and head movements as well as artifacts in files to determine…

Facebook says it’s taking new steps to stop hate speech in Sri Lanka and Myanmar

As Facebook deals with global criticism for its platform’s role in promoting violence, the company says it’s taking new steps to slow the spread of hate. In a blog post published yesterday, the company noted action it’s recently taken in two countries: Sri Lanka and Myanmar, both of which have been hit by social media-fueled conflict.

In Sri Lanka, where posts on Facebook have spread anti-Muslim violence, the company says it’s limiting the number of messages that users can forward — a change the company previously made to WhatsApp amid similar concerns. The number of threads that can be forwarded at once is reportedly set at five in the country.

The company said it is also focusing on…

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