Recommended Reading: Apple’s ambitious TV plan

Can Apple hack it in Hollywood? We talk to the man behind Apple TV+
Stuart McGurk,
GQ UK Apple officially revealed it's TV streaming service in March, but it won't debut for the masses until this fall. There have been all kinds of reports swirling…

WorldAnimals β€” Do dogs say “woof” in Chinese?

Originally inspired by my year studying Japanese while living in Japan. The best class day was when we learned the animal onomatopoeia. The teacher went around the classroom and asked all the students from different countries what animals sounded like in their native language. This app infinitely tests your knowledge of animal sounds across the world 🌎

Piece of fruit might be working on a foldable ipad tablet

We’ve been listening to Microsoft’s plans to do a foldable Surface tablet for quite some time now and in line with the latest report, Apple is honestly looking into this concept too.

Apple might be working on the right foldable iPad

According to pros with inside information, the Cupertino-based company is working on an hence with a flexible display, which is going to be somewhere between 11 and 15″ top. The most surprising part is that Apple searching for to launch the device as soon as the coming year.

Additionally , the report mentions Apple’s A-series high-end processors coupled with 5G capacity although, Apple still hasn’t let go a 5G-capable smartphone, so it is required to catch up first.


Budget Meal Planner β€” Eat for $5 a Day ✨

I want to open this discussion with a simple question: How much do you spend on food each day? $20? $15? You couldn’t possibly be spending less than $10… nah, that’s not possible. Or is it? Hi, Product Hunters! 🐱I’m Dianna, the creator of Budget Meal Planner. When I started BMP, I simply was sharing my lifestyle of how I try to follow a food budget of only $5 a day. Now, I help others ditch their bad eating habits while also being able to save money. This project initially began as a simple newsletter back in April. Every Friday, I sent out a new meal plan based around different themes. These themes are different cuisines and vegetables, such as Thai or Potatoes. You’re probably thinking, “I don’t have time to cook every day” and I’m right there with you. I create these meal plans realistically, providing easy steps to make affordable meals in batches for the week. After two months of providing this content, the feedback I received was immense. My mailing list reached over 1,000 subscribers and a demand grew to have access to previous meal plans. This is where Budget Meal Planner comes in. In addition to my newsletter, I’ve created a platform to share everything. Past meal plans from my newsletter, calculated recipes, and general advice to help lower the cost of food. And here’s the cherry on top… there’s vegetarian alternatives and metric measurements. πŸŽ‰ I believe that adapting better eating habits doesn’t have to be expensive, and I am here to prove that. I want everyone who visits Budget Meal Planner to leave feeling inspired and motivated to take control of their eating habits and finances. —– Update: I added an article above that spotlights the reality of the world we live in. It mentions how 43% of Americans cannot afford food and rent. And to quote, “These are not the people you think of when you think poor: they are average everyday Americans.” $5 a day is a reality for many people, and if you have trouble wrapping your head around that idea… please take a moment to appreciate where you are in life. I’ve actually had someone print and personally distribute the meal plans to local YMCAs to help low-income families and that’s been the highest success of this project for me.

Realme C1 is the latest phone get hold of Android Pie update

Realme rolled out the secure build of Android Pie-based ColorOS 6 for this Realme 2 not too long ago, and now it’s turn for the Realme C1 to get that update.

Realme C1 may perhaps be the latest phone to get Android Ocasion update

This firmware will come bearing version number RMX1811EX_11_A. fifty four and weighs 2GB in size. They bumps up the Android security coupon level on the C1 to 06 5, 2019, and brings along Biking Mode and Theme Store. You might also check out the full changelog down below:

  • System
    • Added notification icons across status bar
    • Added a new navigation and also
    • Excessive app drawer to ColorOS launcher
    • Used Riding Mode
    • Android Security Patch The level: June 5th, 2019
  • UI
    • Updated AK of the notification panel
    • Updated UI with regards to AI Board
    • Updated default theme
  • Applications
    • Went ahead and added realme Theme Store

By releasing some sort of stable build of Android Curry for the C1, Realme has completed the allow of upgrading the device’s 2018 smartphones to Pie.


AAC Bestie β€” A communication app for kids with autism

Hi PH – AAC Bestie helps non-verbal kids communicate with their parents & others. Existing solutions tend to be legacy products which are clumsy & expensive. We set out to create an app that is more intuitive & enables kids to learn to use their new voice through helpful tools & eventually gamification. We appreciate any feedback. πŸ˜‰