Former Equifax executive sentenced to prison for insider trading prior to data breach

The Justice Department announced this week that former Equifax CIO Jun Ying has been sentenced to four months in prison for insider trading. He pled guilty earlier this year for for selling his stock in the company prior to the announcement that it had been hit with a massive data breach in 2017.

The Security and Exchanges Commission charged Ying with insider trading last year. The Department of Justice says that in August 2017, after learning about the breach, he began researching the impact that a similar breach had on another company’s stock price. Later that morning, he promptly exercised and sold all of his stock options, earning nearly a million dollars from the sale. In doing so, he avoided a loss of $117,000 that he otherwise…

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Asus 6z 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB documents will be available in India starting Mid summer 1

So reasonably priced flagships go, the Asus 6z is a pretty compelling offer. Tends to make its tardiness on the India home market a little bit unfortunate. If you haven’t at one time been keeping up with these particular developments – typically ZenFone 6, as its is worldwide known, should have hit shelves near you on June 19. However , some sort of ruling as a result of Delhi High Court barred finally the Taiwanese company from launching involving phone in India with the “ZenFone” branding and moved that date back a little to June 26 .

Asus 6z 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB versions will be available in India starting July 1

Since then Flipkart has been exclusively offering the camp 6GB/64GB model for INR 23, 999 ($460/€405). The 6GB/128GB as well as , 8GB/256GB versions were delayed a little more still. Regardless of whether or not that was every purely marketing strategy or related to often the court ruling in some way, the two higher end tiers are coming on July – Pricing is set at INR thrity four, 999 ($505/€445) and INR 39, 999 ($580/€510), respectively. No word to the 12GB RAM and 512GB cargo space Edition 31 making a local external appearance, though.

Asus 6z 6GB/128GB and 8GB/256GB types will be available in India starting July 1

The Asus 6z / Zenfone 6 offers a Snapdragon 855 chipset, 5, 000 mAh battery, and stock-like Android in search of Pie software experience, along with the sex. 4″ 1080p+ notch-less display. It includes an interesting flip camera with a 49 MP Sony IMX586 main messwertgeber and a 13 MP ultra-wide snapper with 125-degree field-of-view, awarded your record-breaking DxOMark selfie score . You can read more about it in our in-depth review .


Slo-mo shoot ‘em up My Friend Pedro will make you obsess over high scores

It’s a good time to be an indie developer making games for the Nintendo Switch, and the most recent title to prove that point is My Friend Pedro.

From developer DeadToast Entertainment, the formal entity by sole designer Victor Agren, and renowned indie publisher Devolver Digital, My Friend Pedro is an evolution of Agren’s Flash experience fans of Adult Swim web games might have played a half decade ago. Now as a full-fledged console title, it’s easily one of the most stylish and aesthetically distinctive games I’ve played in quite a while. Even as a $20 indie game meant to be played over just a few sittings, what makes the game truly shine is both its replay value and how it pushes you to engage with its perfection-demanding higher…

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Xiaomi Mi CC9 to feature Mimoji, Meitu Custom Edition’s low-light power shown off in a video

The Xiaomi Mi CC9 reached on July 2 will be coming with a feature called Mimoji which is similar to Apple’s Animoji, Samsung’s AR Emoji, Huawei’s Qmoji, associated with Oppo’s 3D Omoji.

Xiaomi says that a majority of Mimoji comes with 165 different hair, faces and accessories to choose from, appearance supports both still pictures combined with video recording. You can check out the try out photos down below, and browse this page to see the video .

Mimoji samples Mimoji samples Mimoji samples Mimoji samples
Mimoji samples

One particular Mi CC9 Meitu Custom Can be which will be joining the CC9 with regards to next Tuesday is already confirmed to have an AI-powered symbol mode for impressive low-light photography . And now, the company has released a video viewing the phone’s 32MP selfie digital slr with an iPhone in dim gentle.

I would say the handset in the left hand of the Xiaomi employee in the video is the CC9 Custom Edition, and the one in suitable is the iPhone.

The selfie claimed with the CC9 Meitu Custom You will find a does look better than the one harnessed with the iPhone, but we will intrinsic our final judgment until we get our hands on a unit and check it out ourselves.

You can mind this way to check out the images and specialization skills of the Mi CC9 Meitu Variation Edition which on the layer yesterday.

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Jony Ive made the entire tech world care about design

I love industrial design and have for as long as I can remember. As a child, I broke my dad’s Braun electric razor playing with the dial that raised and lowered the blades because the action was so cool and “clicky.” At school, I dreamed of being either a product designer or an architect.

Those dreams were dashed when I flunked technical drawing (I was off by over 4cm and the tolerance of the test was less than 0.5cm) and failed my physics and maths exams, both of which are somewhat vital to designing beautiful buildings that don’t fall down. So for the past 30 years my inner industrial designer has lived vicariously through the career of my contemporary (he’s only a few years younger than me) and fellow Brit, Sir Jony Ive.

Ive made…

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Hans Zimmer designed the sound for BMW’s futuristic concept car

BMW unveiled some of its plans for electric vehicles earlier this week, saying that it would debut 25 electric vehicles by 2023, as some nifty concepts, like its Motorrad Vision DC Roadster motorcycle and the sleek BMW Vision M NEXT concept sports car. The company decided to launch a website (via TechCrunch) to have some fun with its futuristic-looking EV, which included getting Blade Runner 2049 composer Hans Zimmer to develop a science fiction-like sound for it.

The car does look like something out of a cyberpunk movie or video game, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up as part of a product placement deal with some Hollywood studio in the next couple of years. EVs don’t produce any engine noise, so companies have been…

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New leak says Samsung Galaxy A90 pair won’t get a sliding camera

The Samsung Galaxy A90’s presence is the rumor mill has been rather confusing so far. What was initially believed to be a re-branded Galaxy A80 for different markets was later mistakenly associated with a mysterious new Galaxy R series . Thankfully, after the latest batch of leaks, the story is starting to make more sense.

New leak says Samsung Galaxy A90 pair won't get a sliding camera

As far as we currently know the Galaxy A90 moniker will be a reality. In fact a total of two handsets will likely carry it – SM-A905 and SM-A908, probably along side some other “Pro” moniker. Both are expected to include a Snapdragon 855 chipset – marking a Qualcomm flagship debut in the Galaxy A line.

Camera-wise, the SM-A905 is thought to have a 48 MP + 12 MP + 5 MP setup, along with a mysterious “Tilt OIS” feature. While the SM-A908 will likely be obtaining a 48 MP + 8 MP + 5 MP arrangement on the rear. One bit of new info here regarding these snappers is that apparently they will not be attached to any motorized periscope or swivel, like the Galaxy A80. Instead going for a traditional setup on the back.

Are you aware that other new detail, apparently the SM-A908 will be getting a FullHD+ Super AMOLED Infinity-U display. The diagonal on both the SM-A908 and SM-A905 is said to be 6. 7 inches. And seeing how the Infinity-U design is typically considered “lower-tier” in Samsung’s current lineups, we can probably assume the SM-A905 will have a higher end QHD panel to go along with its seemingly better (on paper, at least) camera setup and Tilt OIS tech.

That being said, the odd part here is that all the leaks to date claim that the SM-A908 will be the another one getting 5G connectivity, while its cousin probably won’t. So , could Samsung find yourself trying to offset some of the steep 5G extra cost by cutting down on other component? A rather interesting concept to consider of course.