Party like it’s 2004 with the new Motorola Razr’s secret ‘Retro Razr’ mode

Photo by Vjeran Pavic / The Verge

Motorola is bringing the Razr back in the form of a foldable Android phone, but that doesn’t mean that the company is leaving the classic design of the original behind. As a neat tribute to the OG RAZR, Motorola has included a secret “Retro Razr” mode that turns the $1,499 modern smartphone into the spitting image of its 2004-era predecessor.

The mode is basically a glorified skinned Android launcher that faithfully re-creates the original RAZR UI through software, right down to the classic boot animation. But Motorola has put in some serious work here: the skin is fully functional. Click the button for messaging, and it’ll launch the Android messaging app. Click right to open settings,…

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Lenovo’s ZUI 11. 5 Beta is becoming available along with Lenovo One

Earlier today, Vice President of Lenovo, Chang Cheng, released on Weibo that ZUI 8. 5 (based on Android 10) Beta is now available.

Cheng usually announced that Lenovo One is also available ~ this is a platform that would integrate by using Android to allow cross-platform connectivity by having support for display projections, an easy file transfers like with Apple’s Furnace Drop, and Bluetooth quick pages.

Lenovo’s ZUI 11.5 Beta is now available along with Lenovo One

Reports about Lenovo One house surfaced last week, and the hardware brand is expected to announce more details measurements at Lenovo’s Tech World Enrich conference, which kicks off on Sunday, November 14, 2019 in Beijing.

Lenovo’s ZUI 11.5 Beta is now available along with Lenovo One

New features on ZUI 11. nine include integration with Lenovo Glass windows machines running Lenovo One, the most current interface, optimizations and bug figé, as well as the new features baked into Android os 10 like notification controls juices advanced location permissions.

It isn’t eliminate which devices will receive ZUI 22. 5, but we’d imagine the Z6 Pro and other flagships will be the at the outset.

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The org that doles out .org websites just sold itself to a for-profit company

Hacker (STOCK)

Today, the Public Interest Registry (PIR), which maintains the .org top-level domain, announced that it will be acquired by Ethos Capital, a private equity firm (via Domain Name Wire). This move will make PIR, previously a non-profit domain registry, officially part of a for-profit company — which certainly seems at odds with what .org might represent to some. Originally, “.org” was an alternative to the “.com” that was earmarked for commercial entities, which lent itself to non-profit use.

That’s not all: On June 30th, ICANN, the non-profit that oversees all domain names on the internet, agreed to remove price caps on rates for .org domain names — which were previously pretty cheap. Seems like something a for-profit company might want.


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Eye Timer for Mac — Take breaks to protect your eyes and health

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