Twitter is bringing back its Mac desktop app

A little over a year after discontinuing its Mac desktop app, Twitter says that it’s bringing the program back after Apple unveiled Project Catalyst for macOS 10.15 Catalina. It explained why it decided to drop the app last year.

Twitter made the announcement during Apple’s WWDC conference last week, saying that the app would launch with Catalina this fall, and that this new version will have a variety of features like dark mode, keyboard shortcuts, multiple windows, and notifications.

In February 2018, Twitter pulled the application from Apple’s App Store after a history of sporadic updates, and recommended that people simply use the web version. In its post yesterday, it also provides a bit more of an explanation for why the original…

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XOXO shut down its subscription platform before it launched

Last October, Kickstarter announced that it was ending its subscriber-based crowdfunding platform, Drip, but that it was planning a successor project with XOXO festival creators Andy Baio and Andy McMillan. Now, that project has been shut down, according to its creators.

Drip’s unnamed successor project was designed to provide “financial stability and transparency to independent artists.” It came out of conversations from Kickstarter founder Perry Chen and Baio, Kickstarter’s former CTO, with the intention of migrating Drip creators over to it before shutting it down later this year. Kickstarter provided seed funding for the new platform, and Baio and McMillan had brought on people to develop and run the company, but explained that…

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OnePlus 6/6T get Android Q Producer Preview 2

OnePlus recently rolled out the Android Pie-based OxygenOS Open Beta updates for the OnePlus 6 and 6T which came with Digital Wellbeing, Fnatic Mode, and June 2019 safety patch. Now, OnePlus has released another developer preview of Android Queen for these 2018 smartphones.

We are still half a year away from the release of the stable increase of Android Q, but those want to check out the new features coming with the following version of Android can give my Android Q developer preview trying.

Before proceeding, do note that this company preview comes with its fair share about known issues, including but not on a the following:

  • Emergency call doesn’t work
  • Enhanced VoLTE doesn’t work
  • Expanded screenshot doesn’t work
  • Low probability security issues
  • Application compatibility issues

In addition to these kind of known issues, installing a creator preview also poses a chance of bricking your phone, so fitting Android Q right now isn’t decent on your daily driver phone.

That said, if your still willing to take the risk, you should head over to the source link below because installation instructions.


Magic for Liars blends magic school with a murder mystery

Magic school clashes with a murder mystery in Magic for Liars, the debut novel from Sarah Gailey, best known for their American Hippo short stories — but with one key twist.

That’s because while the school and the murder may be magical, Ivy Gamble, the investigator hired to solve the case, is completely ordinary. Unable to sling a spell or cast a charm, she’s a far more relatable character than most other magical detectives that dot the literary landscape.

Spoilers for the book ahead.


When we first meet Ivy, she’s eking out a living in Oakland tracking down cheating husbands, dodging muggers on her doorstep, and drinking her way through the local bar scene. Then she’s offered the chance to solve a…

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Aggretsuko’s second season introduces meddling moms and psychotic colleagues

Netflix’s Aggretsuko was a surprise breakout hit last year, considering it was a Sanrio property that got unexpectedly real about sexism in the workplace and millennial anxieties. The second season is streaming now, and it’s as hilarious and painfully relatable as ever.

While the first season introduced us to Retsuko, the 25-year-old red panda who deals with the stress of her power-tripping boss through death metal karaoke, season 2 finds her settling into her job and being given the responsibility of training a new co-worker — who turns out to be more than she can handle.

One of Aggretsuko’s many strengths comes from its character design and the stylized animation that delightfully serve as the joke itself. Facial expressions and…

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Recommended Reading: Fighting deepfakes

Top AI researchers race to detect 'deepfake' videos: 'We are outgunned'
Drew Harwell,
The Washington Post The 2016 US presidential election was plagued by fake news and election meddling across the internet. With the rise of so-called deepfake tec…

7 new trailers you should watch this week

Sometimes it’s nice when a film just gets your mind racing with ideas, even if what’s happening on screen isn’t necessarily the most flooring thing. That’s how I felt watching a couple of films over the past week, Funny Ha Ha and Mutual Appreciation, a pair of the earliest (and only, really) mumblecore movies.

There’s a lot I like about both films, but there’s a lot about them that’s just… kind of boring, pretty much by nature of the type of films they are. People talk, stutter, um and uh. Plots are nonexistent, goals are aimless. I love the vibe, but it’s easy to just tune out and let your mind wander as conversations awkwardly stumble on.

At the same time, that’s also what’s wonderful about them. There’s a very unique feeling of…

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Amazon shut down Amazon Spark, its discovery shopping feature

Amazon has shut down its social network-like feature on its site and app called Amazon Spark, in which Prime customers could post pictures of the products they’ve bought, according to TechCrunch.

The company launched the service for Prime members in 2017. It prompted customers to pick a selection of interests in the section in the feature, and would then show you a feed of posts from users that related to those interests. The service seemed to be designed to replicate influencers using social networks like Instagram and Pinterest. Users could react to posts with a “smile” or a comment.

TechCrunch noted that the site felt “too transactional” as compared to other social networks and never really took off. The page for the feature is no…

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