TinaCMS — Open source editing tool-kit for Gatsby and Next.js sites

Hi folks 👋 We’re really excited to share TinaCMS with you all. The editing experience of traditional CMSs hasn’t changed much in the last decade or two and we feel that developers need something better to give their clients and teams. We feel we have something truly remarkable for you 🙂 TinaCMS allows you to bake-in editing functionality into your Gatsby and Next.js sites for a live editing experience that’s more similar to Squarespace than WordPress. We’ve open-sourced Tina so developers can use it without restrictions for commercial and personal projects. If you want to get involved with the project and I urge you to get involved with the community. https://tinacms.org/community/ Let us know what you think! …Bonus points if you can guess what TinaCMS stands for (tip: it’s a “recursive acronym”).

Watch Mark Zuckerberg’s Libra congressional testimony here

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On Wednesday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will answer questions from Congress about the company’s latest venture into blockchain and cryptocurrency, Libra.

The hearing comes after months of heated debates from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who are concerned about whether Facebook should create its own global currency. The head of the Libra Project, David Marcus, made the case for Libra in front of Congress earlier this year, but it wasn’t enough for lawmakers. Now, Zuckerberg will sit in front of members of the House Financial Services Committee in an attempt to quell their concerns about the project.

The hearing is being streamed on the House Financial Services Committee’s YouTube channel and C-SPAN.

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Huawei launches Mate X in Kathmandu, shipments begin on November quince

Huawei has an eventful day – the property management company launched that 5G-enabled Mate 30 lineup , celebrated two million sales globally , and has finally started the discounts of its first foldable phone quick the Mate X. The phone is already listed at Vmall, Huawei’s official online store, for the CNY16, 444444 (that’s about $2, 400 or to €2, 150).

The Huawei Mate X appears with Kirin 980 chipset, basically initially announced – rumors in which the company was going to upgrade it with the Kirin 990 turned out false. No less than it will ship with an integrated Balong 5000 modem for 5G performance. Other specs include Leica-branded quad-camera setup, 4, 500 mAh power supply and mind-boggling 55W SuperCharge.

The key purpose – the foldable screen significant is an OLED with 8” diagonal when unfolded. Folded, it becomes hacia dual-screen phone – the front becomes a 6. 6” panel with a res of 2480 x 1148 lieu in a 19. 5: 9 visage, while the back is a 6. 38” unit with a weird aspect ring and pinion ratio of 25: 9 because it the particular camera setup on the left.

Huawei launches Mate Inconvenant in China, shipments begin from November 15

The phone warships without Google services as is the norm through China. We are still waiting to figure out whether Huawei will pull a Pal 30 and will introduce the Soulmate X without GMS around the world , too.

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Samsung teases new Exynos chipset, promises cutting-edge processor

Samsung tweeted a teaser for the next Exynos chipset. It didn’t reveal too much, but those “new frontier” and “cutting-edge processor” labels hint at a new flagship chip.

Earlier this year, Samsung Foundry completed development of 5nm EUV chips, which are expected in 2020. According to the company, those promise 25% better silicone density, 20% lower power consumption or 10% higher performance at the same power draw.

As you can imagine, rumors are swirling that the Galaxy S11 will launch with a 5nm chipset – the new Exynos or the next Snapdragon flagship. Qualcomm is expected to go with TSMC for the next Snapdragon, as TSMC is also ready to deliver 5nm chips in 2020.

The Samsung Tech Day 2019 conference starts today with the keynote scheduled for a few hours from now. This will be a perfect venue to announce a new chipset. Note that here are rumors that Samsung will unveil the Exynos 9630 – a mid-range chipset – so we may have to wait a while longer before we see the Galaxy S11 chipset.

Product Managers Job Satisfaction — How to become a better product manager

Product Management is a Tough Career. A happy Product Manager is a better Product Manager. This sounds logical, right? But how do you make it to the point when you, as a PM, can really enjoy what you do? CONFIDENCEconf interviewed 860 product managers to learn what really matters to product professionals and what influences their job satisfaction: like how well teams are aligned and whether product management processes are mature enough, how backlog prioritization and new features estimation work, and more. This study is based on a survey of almost 900 product managers. You can download it for free.

How would opening up Facebook change the internet?

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

On October 22nd, some of Silicon Valley’s biggest critics introduced a bill that’s meant to undercut social media monopolies. The Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching (ACCESS) Act is designed to make “large communications platforms” loosen their hold on user data. It builds on regulations that have already been implemented in Europe, and it speaks to serious concerns about online walled gardens.

But the ACCESS Act doesn’t lay out precisely how these rules might change our relationship with companies like Twitter and Facebook. Some of its details are still up in the air. But based on what we know, here’s why the bill matters and why it’s not a surefire solution for opening up the internet.

What does the…

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Huawei sells 200 million smartphones in 2019, two months faster than 2018

Huawei might have had a tough year and uncertain future ahead, but the company today reported some good news – it sold 200 million smartphones since the beginning of 2019. The impressive milestone was reached 64 days faster than in 2018, despite being a hostage in the negotiations between the United States and China.

Huawei sells 200 million smartphones two months ahead of schedule

The Chinese company already reported that the P30 lineup, announced in March, and the Mate 20 series that debuted last year have been outsold their predecessors.

Another reason the 200 million mark shouldn’t be a surprise is how steady Huawei is on the top position at its domestic market, where sales were also driven by a patriotic wave – users chose the maker to support it through the tough times.

Huawei sells 200 million smartphones two months ahead of schedule

However, Huawei CEO already admitted that the company is prepared for a 10% drop in annual income of the consumer business group. The Huawei Mate 30 lineup was unveiled on September 19 but is yet to arrive globally – over a month later it is mostly sold in China and a couple of other Asia Pacific markets.


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Hi everyone – I’ve been running this podcast now for 10 years. The Chris Voss Show now has my daily spin on tech news and also features Product Hunt products that stick out to us in episodes. I’ve been expanding our Podcasts to a network to silo more of our great interviews etc. We have The Chris Voss Show which is an open-ended business & tech news, opinion and interviews from all walks of life. We cover event interviews like CES, NAB, CEDIA, etc. The Startup Unicorn Podcast is interviews with business/entrepreneurs to talk about the road to success or how they got there and stayed. The Crypto Life Podcast is for news and interviews on Cryptocurrency & Blockchain. We’ll be expanding to a daily news show soon. Chris Voss Gaming Podcast is on gaming, reviews and interviews with gaming devs. Chris Voss Podcast On Politics is what it says, my take on that. Book Author Podcast is great interviews with Authors. Spatial Computing Podcast is coverage of AI/VR/AR news and interviews. We’d like to have more great business interviews, authors and people with life-changing lessons. Feel free to SUBSCRIBE and if you’d like to submit to be a guest on the show, please have your PR agency/Agent contact the show with your pitch. Thanks to everyone for your support – we’ll keep working to improve the shows!