GoDial — Turn your phone into a Call Center

One fine day, I needed to call about 500 business around my area to pitch for a sale. After dialing 2-3 numbers, I realized how difficult it was to manually call numbers from excel. I had to manually see each number from excel and place the call, then update the sheet. And Viola! Why not have an app that could go through my list, call the numbers, track each call and even remind me on callbacks. After a month of extra strong caffeine and late nights, GoDial happened! How It Works? 1️⃣ Add a contact or Import your whole calling list
2️⃣ Click Start Dialing and Call will get placed
3️⃣ After the Call, set a Status like SALE, NO ANSWER, INTERESTED, BUSY etc
4️⃣ Optionally add a note or schedule a callback
5️⃣ Go to Next call Features ♾ Rechurn Recycle dialed contacts to get the most out of your calling list. Godial allows you to rechurn call status like Busy, Not Available, etc to New and dial them again.
Get the most out of your Call List. Increase Sales by 200% 📆 Schedule Never miss a Call. Set a Callback date and Time and get notification Reminders 📂 Import Export from CSV Simple bulk Import any CSV sheet. You can even Export your List with all call details. Your data is safe and stored only your phone 📵 DNC Set any call to DO NOT CALL. Your lists will be filtered and DNC contacts will never be called again 📝 Notes Add notes and remarks to the contact after a call. View anytime and easily export 📨 Template Messages Setup a template message and simply click on Whatsapp, Email or SMS after a call to send an automatic message to the contact without saving the number on your phone GoDial is a simple one-stop solution for all your outbound calling needs. The free plan allows you to store upto 100 contacts and create unlimited lists. Upgrade to the paid plan for unlimited contacts. ✅ Bulk Upload Contacts ✅ Infinite Call Lists ✅ Create Call Notes and Follow Up Actions ✅ Set Up Automatic Message Templates ✅ ReChurn Call Lists in 1 Click ✅ Easy-to-Use List Manager ✅ Send WhatsApp Messages ✅ Schedule Follow Up Calls ✅ Do Not Call List With GoDial, your phone becomes a fully managed call centre in seconds. Try it now for free! ☎️

Pudor begins recruitment for 9X furthermore 9X Pro Android 10-based EMUI 10 beta

Honor has begun EMUI 10 beta recruitment for the 9X (HLK-AL00) and < each href="https://www.gsmarena.com/honor_9x_pro_(china)-9772.php"> 9X Pro (HLK-AL10) in China.

The company is looking for 300 users of the log version as well as 1500 users of the non-log pc ( head here to what it means ) for its beta program.

Honor begins Android 10-based EMUI 10 beta recruitment for 9X and 9X Pro

Those interested have up till December 15, 2019 to register. Nonetheless , your devices are required to run EMUI with version number 9. 1 ) 1 . 160(C00E160R6P2/R5P3/R3P5) or above of being eligible for the EMUI 10 beta program.

EMUI 10 is based on Android 8 and will bring in new UI and therefore features to your smartphone. You can c the second source link below for more details about the registration process.

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JolieFAQ — A beautiful, pixel perfect FAQ in seconds ❤️

From https://faq.joliefaq.io/general%… > JolieFAQ is currently in beta so we only have one pricing plan: completely free. 💸 As a user, I’m always really skeptical to start using any product that tells me it’s “free for now” with no indication of how long that offer will last, what I would eventually have to pay to keep using it, or even whether I am locked in with no easy way to export my data. (When we launched HelpSite to serve a similar hosted FAQ need (also with a free plan), we tried to be careful to let people know exactly what they’d be getting on a free forever plan versus what we would be charging for.)

Redmi K30 appears in a hands-on picture, will feature dual-frequency GPS

The Redmi K30 arriving on the topic of December 10 produces appeared in a short hands-on vid.

Your current clip doesn’t reveal anything more about the K30 other than confirming that it will run MIUI 11 out of the parcel, which is pretty obvious.

Redmi has already powerful a few specs of the K30, prefer the Snapdragon 765G SoC , 5G support, to get involved with. 67″ punch hole display, so 4, 5 hundred mAh battery . It will have the latest 64MP Nokia IMX686 main camera at the back and a 20MP selfie snapper on the front joined by a the regular sensor.

Adding to those bits, Redmi created a couple more teasers on Chinese language social network Weibo, revealing features together with 5G dual-frequency GPS, 1217 ultra-linear speakers, 3. 5mm headphone plug, and a USB-C port.

Redmi K30 will come with dual-frequency GPS and ultra-linear speakers Redmi K30 will come with dual-frequency GPS and ultra-linear speakers
Redmi K30 include dual-frequency GPS and ultra-linear reference monitors

We’ll know everything relating to Redmi K30’s specs, pricing, along with availability on Tuesday.

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Even better notes and lists, family signs and Dunkin’ orders coming to Blogger or wordpress.com Assistant

Research has just enhanced the functionality of its Admin, listing five key improvements. Prime among them is the ability to work with has and notes in other apps like Any. do, AnyList, Bing! and Google’s own Keep – you just need decide on your preferred note-taking method in the ‘Notes and Lists’ section in the ‘Services’ tab of the Assistant’s settings. The type of feature will work with both phones or Assistant-enabled speakers too.

Better notes and lists, family reminders and Dunkin' orders coming to Google Assistant

You can now also add reminders for members of your relatives, not just yourself, you can search for imagery and share them by using your voice only and you can search for podcasts by the topic.

Finally, if you have the Dunkin’ app is extremely, you can initiate an order next to calling up Assistant. Hmm… ‘Hey, Google’.