The world’s on fire, and Aston Martin wants to build ‘lairs’ for cars

Image: Aston Martin

July was the hottest month on record. Here’s some good news for rich people, though: if your home is in danger of flooding from sea level rise, Aston Martin is now in the business of building lairs for cars.

Yes, one of the first news items to break out of the auto industry’s biggest annual celebration of rare and fancy cars money, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, is that Aston Martin is starting a service called “Aston Martin Automotive Galleries and Lairs.” The service is, in Aston Martin’s words, “for anyone who would like to create a unique bespoke garage — their own ‘Automotive Gallery’ – or for the truly adventurous the ultimate retreat or ‘Automotive Lair’ in which to keep their car.”

Aston Martin says it will work with…

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Tesla launches a rental plan to help its slumping home solar panel business

Image: Tesla

Tesla has launched a new rental option for its solar panels in a bid to revive its slumping home solar business. The company is offering the new rental plan in six states — Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New Mexico — and it will cost as low as $50 per month (plus tax) with no upfront installation costs or long-term contract. The monthly payment also includes support, maintenance, and any “other necessary hardware,” though renters must pas any tax incentives or rebates to Tesla.

The new rental option launches just a few months after Tesla cut prices across the board on its solar panels. Taken together, the two decisions show how Tesla is trying to rejuvenate its home solar panel business, which has…

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Nvidia is bringing its GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Android phones

Microsoft’s xCloud service, running Halo on a phone. | Photo by Nick Statt / The Verge

See the photo above? That’s not Nvidia — it’s Microsoft’s xCloud, streaming Halo to an Android phone from remote internet servers powered by AMD GPUs. Google will also be bringing its Stadia cloud gaming service to Google Pixel phones from AMD-powered servers, and you’ll be able to try both this fall.

That’s probably why AMD rival Nvidia isn’t sitting still. The graphics giant just announced it will “soon extend” its existing GeForce Now cloud gaming service to Android phones, including flagship devices from LG and Samsung.

Unfortunately, we don’t have details like “when exactly?” and “how much?” except that you won’t have to pay to try Nvidia’s service at first. Like the current GeForce Now for Mac, PC, and Nvidia’s Shield TV set-top…

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Rivers IM — Simple, fast & secure team collaboration platform

What’s New
Version HistoryAug 15, 2019 Version 5.0.4
# Major upgrade on Chat Window handling, unread counter fixes, faster message fetching, faster scrolling on various lists
# Cube level announcement/channels for creators and admins
# Hide your phone number from cube members who don’t have it already in phonebooks
# Request phone numbers
# Ability for the creator to transfer ownership both at Cube and Topic levels
# Revoke admin capability for cube creator
# Edit images before sending
# Sequential sending and receiving of images (in the order chosen/sent)
# Pinning to chats in one to one and topic chat list
# Search on one to one and Topic chat screen
# Accurate message read/delivered info
# UI Gestures in various screens
# User @mention based on username (upgrade from phone number based mentions)
# New onboarding screens
# Captain Support
# UI improvements
# Small Bug fixes

Samsung korea cuts LCD production, shifts emphasize to new QD-OLED displays

Samsung has remained one of the main display manufacturers for quite some time and the existing innovation in the brand’s product line is to be its Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED) panels. The company already uses Quantum Dot (QD) energy solutions for its TVs when you are OLED panels have been a basic piece in its mobile division for more than ten years. Now Samsung is aiming to fuse the best of both display techniques into a single display solution.

Samsung to cut LCD production will shift focus on new QD-OLED displays

A new score from The Korea Herald examples the brand has already begun limiting all its LCD production lines across a facilities in South Korea mainly due to lowered profitability and cost. The move would also grant allocating more resources to the original QD-OLED screens. Samsung Display CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Lee Dong-hoon confirmed the company will be ready to launch its straight away QD-OLED panels but did not are offering any details as to when perhaps what device will debut on the new tech.

Samsung to cut LCD production will shift focus on new QD-OLED displays

Quantum Dot tvs are in essence a mix between traditional LCDs and OLED displays. They don’t need LED backlights but opt for one-by-one lit blue LEDs which can replace light to red and shade, consuming less power in the process. QD-OLED panels will use blue OLED position and quantum dots that of our own LEDs for even better efficiency and color accuracy.

According to industry analysts, Samsung is planning to invest upwards of KRW 10 trillion ($8. 3 billion) in QD-OLED production and the original product will be a high-end TV.

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Watch the first trailer for Silicon Valley’s sixth and final season

Silicon Valley - screencap (HBO)

Silicon Valley, HBO’s beloved satire of the tech industry, is coming to an end. HBO has released the first trailer for the show’s sixth and final season, which looks to keep up the sharp humor and ridicule that the series is known for — and which reveals the new season is coming Sunday, October 27th.

The show follows the employees of Pied Piper, a fictional startup making a decentralized “new internet.” But the trailer spends most of its time making fun of a more recent Silicon Valley trend: tech executives appearing in front of congressional committees. Richard Hendricks (Thomas Middleditch), Pied Piper’s CEO, paces nervously as he responds to a…

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Product Planet — Up-skilling platform for developers and designers

Hello 👋,
I’m the founder of Product Planet, an up-skilling platform for developers and designers. I’ve interviewed and worked with tons of people at product startups over the last 7 years, and observed that there are two big problems: 1. College grads and employees early on in their careers don’t know what level of skills are required to work at the top startups, and thus are often unsuitable for tech roles. 2. Startups find it very difficult to hire the right talent and many positions either go unfilled or they end up hiring mediocre talent. We are trying to bridge this gap at Product Planet and want to help developers and designers learn relevant skills and then connect them with top startups, so we can create a better startup community. reveals Xiaomi Mi A3 British price ahead of launch

Xiaomi is set to generate the Conmigo A3 in Asia on August 21, which is also wherein the official pricing will be announced. Still Xiaomi’s launch partner Amazon was launched ahead and revealed the price of the htc desire two days earlier.

Mi A3 pricing and variants Mi A3 pricing and simply variants
Mi A3 pricing and adaptations

Twitter user Mukul Sharma aroused the listings for the device, and also this appeared in the deals section nevertheless weren’t actually available for purchase. Among the positions were the two storage variants, 32GB and 128GB, which will come with 4 GB and 6GB of RAM, correspondingly. There are also three color options named Not Just Blue, More Than White, and type of Grey.

The phones are priced at INR 14, 999 for the 4/64GB version and INR 17, 499 towards the 6/128GB variant.

We tried looking up the 780 ourselves on the Amazon India site but it seems Amazon has cleaned the listings since the original ?screenshots were taken.

It’s not uncommon for providers to leak the price ahead of production to temper expectations. The La A3 is already being lambasted by lots of people who haven’t taken too generously to the presence of a sub-1080p monitor on the smartphone. The price, if appropriate, is also on the higher side and the same level as phones including the Realme Malotru and Xiaomi’s own individual Redmi Please note 7 Pro , which not only for have higher resolution displays but you will also more powerful chipsets.

So this might just be our tinfoil hat speaking but it’s likely these prices were revealed two days to increase release to get most of the negative typical reactions out before the phone is legally announced on Wednesday.