This robot ‘duck’ could help Japanese rice farmers keep paddy fields clear of weeds

For centuries, rice farmers in Asia have used ducks as a natural alternative to pesticides. While paddling around in flooded paddy fields, ducks tear up weeds and snack on insects, with their manure even acting as additional fertilizer. In the 21st century, this practice is not widespread, but a new technological twist on the method could change that.

An engineer working for Japanese carmaker Nissan has built a robot alternative to paddy field ducks. As reported by and Nerdist, he’s currently testing his prototype in the Yamagata Prefecture in northeastern Japan. It seems it’s just a DIY project at the moment, with no plans for commercialization or even any data on how effective it is, but it’s a fascinating use of technology…

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Pocophone F1 64GB variant gets 1 more price cut in India

The Pocophone F1 32GB variant has gotten a second price cut in India. It was launched via INR20, 999 ($300/€265) last July and was down to INR19, 666666666 ($290/€250) in December. With this latest marketing drop, it now costs INR17, 999 ($260/€230).

You can buy the Pocophone F1 64GB model at a reduced payment from Mi. com and Flipkart, but it’s currently unclear if this sounds a permanent price cut.

That said, the 128GB as 256GB versions of the Pocophone F1 are sold at INR20, 999 ($300/€265) and INR27, 999 ($400/€350) correspondingly, with the Armoured Edition carrying pick tag of INR28, 999 ($415/€365).

Your Pocophone F1 – known as Poco F1 in India – is really powered by Snapdragon 845 SoC which is paired with up to 8GB DODGE. The smartphone sports a 6. 18″ FHD+ display, with the large degree on top housing a 20MP selfie camera.

Around the back, the Pocophone F1 has a dual camera setup (12MP+5MP) below which is the fingerprint scanner. The smartphone runs Android Pezuna and has a 4, 000 mAh battery under the hood.

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Pushfolio — Send popup messages with a few lines of Javascript for free.

🎉🎉🎉 Hi again Producthunt! I’m on mission to create great tools for makers to increase their conversion rates. 💰Problem
This month I decided to solve a problem I’ve had for a long time: paying way to much for tools like Optinmonster or Intercom. Just to send a few simple popup messages to my visitors. 🏆Solution
I made a Jaaaaavascript (cc @johnnymakes) plugin that enables you to send popup messages to your visitors, using just a few lines of code. Just add the Javascript plugin, customize your popup and go live! It’s that easy. 💪Features
Pushfolio comes with a lot of nifty features you are used to in other tools like: Customize to your content and design
Add text, images, colors and more. Pushfolio is completely customizable to your content and design. Cookies, locations and frequencies
Pushfolio remembers if your visitors has interacted with your popup. Only showing when and where you want to. Google Analytics Tracking
Tracking how many visitors see and click your popups with Google Analytics Events. Page Targeting
Define which pages you want to or don’t want to show your popups on. 🔎Test it on the website
I’ve added a live code editor so you can mess around with the popup and see how it works. Check it out 🙏🏻Please let me know what you think about the product.

Screenzy — A simple and free screenshot beautifier

Hi 👋 Screenzy is another simple picture and screenshot beautifier. Side-project inspired by Screely, with a few more features : – heading with font selection
– photo frames (more to come)
– allow pasting of a picture URL, including an Unsplash URL
– gradient backgrounds
– memory presets Feedback welcome!

Xiaomi Mi CC first promo media player is out, render of the CC9e pretty

Xiaomi announced the CLOSED CIRCUIT series of cell phones yesterday, aimed at young people. Today valeo posted a promo video within Weibo with 8-year-old internet experience Gavin Thomas taking a couple of selfies with the CC9e.

Our Chinese has never been girl strong, but from what we get hold of a company rep is playing with the home phone looking at pictures of Gavin anticipating him to come in for a photo kill. Everyone wants to take a selfie through the kid who broke the internet therefore, the Xiaomi rep walks in through the official photo shoot for another, ‘improvised’ someone with the CC9e.

Meanwhile, an official-looking provide of the Mi CC9e has came up as well, giving us a more appropriate look at the hardware. It’s looking similar to the Mí misma 9 with the many more fluidly shaped camera notch of your respective Mi hunting for SE .

Earlier sends point to a half a dozen. 39-inch screen on the CC9e and looking out at the video it seems about directly. The selfies in question were moved with what should be a 32MP front camcorder, while a 48MP shooter has always been reportedly the primary one on the home. Other preliminary specs include a Snapdragon 712 SoC and a 4, 000mAh battery.

With yesterday’s announcement and the developments, the phones themselves can’t be that far away, but until they will go official we’re just estimating.

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Deliverer — Live video and screencast to all platforms simultaneously

With deliverer you can live stream from both your front facing or back camera directly to your friends or followers. We support LIVE SCREENCASTING — Everything you do on the screen of your phone is live broadcasted to your audience. Either you are playing games or showcasing an app with deliverer you don’t need cables, everything is wireless and the content goes directly to your favourite platforms. PRIVACY — We care about privacy and we respect yours. No content is saved on the device, or on our servers. As a matter of fact, we do not have any servers, you are the owner of your content! MULTIPLE PLATFORMS – You can live stream to any RTMP/RTSP server or you can easily sign in in your favourite platform and start streaming without any configuration. We support by default: Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, with more platforms integrated to come. Give us a try!

Microsoft’s new Windows Terminal now available to download for Windows 10

Microsoft first unveiled its new command line app for Windows, dubbed Windows Terminal, at Build earlier this year. It’s a new central location where you can access the traditional cmd line, PowerShell, and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). While developers have been able to compile and use the Windows Terminal from the code available on GitHub, Microsoft is now releasing an easy installer through the Windows Store today.

The Windows Terminal app includes multiple tab support, alongside themes and customization for developers who want to tweak the Terminal app. You’ll need to tweak a JSON file if you want to get to all of the customization options right now, as this early preview doesn’t have full functionality. Microsoft has some…

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FedEx refused a Huawei phone inside the US amidst Huawei ban

The Huawei ban in the US has many American companies indisposed to have anything to do with the Huawei. The company was explicitly banned far from doing business with American tech companies a few weeks back by the Trump Administration due to “security concerns”.

A frustrated member of PC Magazine tweeted about a situation where a UK-based fellow of the team intended to send a Huawei P30 Guru for testing that will Indianapolis via FedEx, only to find our package was returned to the SPANISH sender. A large note was slapped onto the package, which was made up of the Huawei phone that learned “parcel returned by FedEx, As a result U. S. Government issue with Huawei and China government. RTS”.

Of course , the courier knew usually the contents of the package due to the is required customs paperwork. However , it turns out the very executive order was misinterpreted by just whichever customs agent handled my parcel. PC Rivista went on to check with the UPS who said it would happily transport the parcel to the USA. Confirming this with both UPS and as well as Huawei, there is no such law that do banned the importation of Huawei devices.

The order blacklists US enterprises and networks from partnering in the Chinese telecom giant – with which has nothing to do with transporting an important phone to the US that was previously purchased somewhere else. FedEx decided may rather not even deal with the issue. Clearly so , as the whole ban is seen as a confusing mess and we can’t blame a company that would rather not dealing with this gray area.

Huawei P30 Pro

Anyway, the trade gua between China the US is still doing with no deal in sight. President Trump has historically admitted that the ALL OF would be willing to negotiate Huawei’s experience in the US if it could leverage your trade deal.

So yeah, if you need to decrease a legally obtained Huawei call a phone into the US, UPS is certainly up to the task.