Bizarre Nokia Daredevil leaks with several cameras in a circular module

When Nokia spelled out the 9 PureView with its special camera arrangement, people thought the problem couldn’t get any weirder. Okay, it looks like the Finnish company seems to have another surprise up its sleeve – a cameraphone with 3 shooters, arranged in a square so positioned in a circular module while on the back.

The device does not have an official person’s name yet, but meta info outside of photos reveal the moniker Htc Daredevil. We also learn where the main module has a 48MP sensor.

Nokia Daredevil from the outside Nokia Daredevil from the outside Nokia Daredevil from the outside
Htc Daredevil from the outside

The phone should be pictured with a notch on the front wheel and clean Android with Google services as is the norm for HMD-made Nokia phones. Thanks to the leakster, who publicised these on Baidu, we see the camera’s interface is pretty much the exact same, but with a toggle between your wide-angle camera and the regular one.

Looking at the bottom, there is a USB-C port, while on the left side you can observe a button that is likely to be focused on Google Assistant.

Nokia Daredevil with Stock Android Nokia Daredevil with Stock Android Nokia Daredevil with Stock Android Nokia Daredevil with Stock Android
Nokia Daredevil with Stock Android

The fingerprint being on the back of the phone means the screen should be LCD and since there aren’t many flagships with this particular panel, we expect the Nokia Daredevil to be an upper-midrange phone, probably powered by a Snapdragon 710 or Snapdragon 730 chipset.

The leak consists only pictures with no specs (aside from the 48 MP main camera behind an f/1. 8), so we hope more information trickles in soon. An official launch date might be ideal, but it may be too early for that.

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MoviePass has shut down for ‘several weeks’ to update its app

MoviePass, the long-embattled film subscription service, has shut down for “several weeks” in order to complete work on an updated version of its app and to recapitalize for when the service relaunches. “There’s never a good time to have to do this,” MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said in a statement, “but to complete the improved version of our app, one that we believe will provide a much better experience for our subscribers, it has to be done.” Lowe’s statement promised “an enhanced technology platform, which is in the final stages of completion,” in the upcoming app.

The service shut down on July 4th at 5AM ET, and MoviePass has not announced when it will come back online. During this period, MoviePass will not accept new sign-ups, and…

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Sony WF-1000XM3 — True wireless noise-cancelling earbuds by Sony

LOL, anyone that says this competes with airpods is missing the point. Airpods are not about noise cancelling and quality. They are about convenience. The toothfloss sized box that easily fits in your pocket without bulk. The super slim/small form factor of the actual airpod. Companies trying to displace airpods are totally missing the struggle that it solves. Adding features isn’t going to do it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) announced with an 8″ display and 5, 100 mAh battery

The basic level Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) has just made its official debut.

The Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) is powered by the Snapdragon 429 SoC coupled with 2GB RAM. It runs Android Pie out of the box and has 32GB of storage onboard. But don’t worry, Samsung has thrown in a microSD card slot which allows storage expansion by up to 512GB.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) in Black color Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) in Gray color
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) in Black and Gray colors

The Galaxy Tab A 8. 0 (2019) boasts an 8″ display with 1280×800-pixel resolution and 16: 10 aspect ratio. It features stereo speakers and comes with an 8MP rear and a 2MP front camera.

The tablet is offered in Black and Silver colors and ships with a 5, 100 mAh battery which charges through a microUSB port. It also comes bundled with a 2-month free YouTube Premium and 3-month free Spotify Premium subscriptions.

Samsung hasn’t revealed the pricing and availability details of the Galaxy Hook A 8. 0 (2019) thus far.


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