Motorola Moto E6 appears in a hot render with textured back

An image for the Motorola Moto E6 leaked quicker last month revealing the phone’s construction. Now, another, official-looking, press leave of this smartphone has surfaced exposing its textured back.

This image refers us through reliable leakster Evan Blass, and it corroborates the previous flow which showed the Moto E6 with a tall screen, thick bezels, and a single rear camera positioned in the upper-left corner.

Motorola Moto E6 appears in a fresh render with textured back

The back of the Spostamento E6 also has the Motorola company logo, but it’s unclear if it contains the fingerprint reader embedded in it. One particular Moto E5 from last year have have one, so we don’t see any sort of reason for this Lenovo subsidiary to eradicate it from this year’s Moto Extremely smartphone.

That said, the Moto E6 has the strength key and volume rocker along the right, with the headphone jack located on the top. The bottom of the phone, which inturn isn’t shown in the image, appropriate houses the speaker, primary mike, and a USB port of some sort or other.

Moto E6 Moto E5
Moto E6 • Moto E5

There’s no build from Motorola yet about the inaugurate establish of the Moto E6, but simply we’ll hear more on it in a while.


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Useful Galaxy Note10, Note10 Pro skins confirm design

CAD-based makes of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10 Pro come forth earlier this month giving us a beautiful good idea of what they’ll would probably. Now today, we are looking at the official Olixar cases of these smartphones from a UK retailer’s website alot more confirming some of their design aspects.

Both Note10 and Note10 Pro will come with his rear cameras placed vertically ınside the top-left corner on their backs. A Note10 will boast a tresdoble camera setup while the Note10 Favore will have an extra shooter.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note10 • Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro

Furthermore, the enclosures also confirm the presence of drive key and volume rocker on the left side, and the absence of the dedicated Bixby button which was introduced by Samsung electronics with the Universe S8 back in 2017.

Home and garden leaks showed that Samsung shows ditched the headphone jack along at the Galaxy Note10 series, but some case appear to have a small cut-out at the bottom on the left side of the USB-C port. Our own S Pen slot is typically from the corner, but this might well grow to be for a microphone or a speaker actually, so don’t get your hopes through.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note10 • Helpful Galaxy Note10 Pro

Two days ago, we came across a report whom stated that the Galaxy Note10 series will come with a strong on Display technology , eliminating the advantages of an earpiece. Well, the television screen protector for the Note10 duo done by Olixar lacks a cut-out with the earpiece which corroborates that ebook.

Samsung Galaxy Note10, Note10 Pro cases confirm their design

The window guard also has a hole inside a center which confirms rumors ın the Galaxy Note10 series flaunting a display having a punch hole in the shop.

This Galaxy Note10 series is said to go endorsed on August 7 , then again until then, we are likely to notice a lot more about these 2019 Samsung flagships.

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Oppo Find Y trademarked

We didn’t really think Oppo is doing a Find X sequel, but according to a leaked document for a trademark, the company is keeping its options open.

The trademark is for the Find Y name, which seems like an obvious successor to the Find X. Also, judging by the Find X’s experimental nature, we have a feeling that the Find Y will introduce a crazy new design or breakthrough tech.

Oppo Find Y trademarked

The trademark aligns perfectly with the company’s announcement of a true under-display camera on < each href=""> June 26 . Subsequently there’s a good chance that the Give Y will feature an under-display video camera and perhaps kickstart a whole trend simply Find X did.