Foundations Atlas — Collaborate, track & run 100s of ML experiments concurrently

Hello friends 👋🏽, PM for Foundations here. Thank you so much @robjama for hunting us and for the support 😍😻 We started building Atlas a few years ago for ourselves when we were working with some of the largest teams to build and deploy machine learning models for enterprise. We’ve also built some crazy things on the side, which you may have seen around the interwebs (DeepFake Joe Rogan anyone?). Through our work, we’ve encountered firsthand the problems that limit ML teams impact: 1. ML teams spend a lot of time dealing with infrastructure-related work
2. Ad-hoc experiment management chews up a lot of time and limits reproducibility
3. GPU’s are expensive❗️ 💰 (2.48$/hr for a NVIDIA V100??!!) 4. Teams within organizations don’t usually have visibility on all data science projects and have a difficult time collaborating 5. Existing tools aren’t flexible and require dramatic changes to workflow All of this makes it difficult to be truly productive with ML. Atlas aims to solve these 5 problems.
– ⚡️ Atlas sits on top of your infrastructure and has a multi-node, multi-GPU job orchestrator run & schedule jobs remotely with 1 command.
– Use < 3 lines of code to record and reproduce your experiments, alongside other features like tagging jobs, recording data artifacts, and more.
– 🌎 Collaborate across your organization with Atlas Projects, project-specific discussion forums, multi-tenancy, and user access controls.
– 🤑 Save on GPU costs with auto-scaling of clusters and the ability to use pre-emptive/spot instances with Atlas’s built-in retry mechanism. Design principles:
Atlas was built to be augmentations of existing workflows as opposed to replacements, our team is obsessed with API and developer UX design, so we paid as much attention to the terminal and SDK as we did with the UI! Since the launch of our community edition 4 weeks ago, Atlas has been downloaded by over 700+ data scientists! ❤️ We are here to get your feedback so we can continue to make Atlas better. Thank you again for your support and we hope you will find value in our work.
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Nokia 7. 2 review


The Nokia 7 was obviously a China-exclusive from two years ago, and the 7 plus went global and as well was a bit of an unsung persona back in early 2018, offering much phone at a very reasonable price. One particular 7. 1 wasn’t quite some spiritual successor, instead slipping straight into a slightly lower tier in the mid end. We now have the Nokia 7. ii with us and we’ll attempt to way out the question whether the 7-series is articles where the 7. 1 took the car, or it wants back to the several plus’ level.

Nokia 7.2 review

One thing straight inside the 7 plus is the chipset combined with we’re not entirely certain that’s a good thing. The Snapdragon 660 is enough powerful, sure, but is now extra than two years old and more efficient options are available. At least you can spec and the 7. 2 with up to 6GB of RAM and 128GB towards storage, with the base model n’t coming with the. 1’s measly 3/32GB but the plus’ 4/64GB.

Shared with that manufacturer are the overall dimensions too the aim while the 7. 1 was a less significant phone, the 7. 2 has returned to plus size. But dimensions won’t be synonymous with build and the state of the art phone has a composite frame which is as tough as and finer than aluminum, but it’s not totally premium to the touch, which the 7 and then did manage.

Anyway, the Nokia eight. 2 comes with a 6. 3-inch IPS display bringing a significant increase in discipline over the 7. 1 . Helping with this is also the notch – Nokia’s shifted some components around a while back it it only holds the selfie camera, making for a smaller cutout.

Wonderful not small is the camera raise on the back, but it’s got a variety of cameras to show for it – an important 48MP Quad Bayer primary space is joined by an seriously wide angle 8MP module using a 5MP depth sensor. So it does get one more meaningful camera than the 12. 1, but still omits a telephoto, which the 7 plus did attain.

Nokia 7. 2 specs

  • Body: 159. 9×75. 1×8. 3mm, 180g; Gorilla Glass 3 front in addition to back; Cyan Green, Charcoal, Cool color schemes.
  • Screen: eight. 3″ FullHD+ LCD, PureDisplay, waterdrop notch, HDR10.
  • Chipset: Snapdragon 660 (14nm): Octa-core MICROPROCESSOR (4×2. 2GHz Kryo 260 & 4×1. 8GHz Kryo 260); Adreno 512 GPU.
  • Memory: 4/6GB RAM, 64/128GB storage, microSD slot.
  • OS: Robot 9. 0 Pie; Android It.
  • Rear camera: Most common: 48MP, 1/2. 0″ Quad Pas sensor, f/1. 79. Ultra-wide: 8MP, f/2. 2, 118-degree FoV. Height sensor: 5MP. Zeiss optics, Led-flash.
  • Front camera: 20MP, Quad Pixel sensor, f/2. 0.
  • Battery: 3, 500mAh, 5V/2A charging.
  • Misc: USB-C, 3. 5mm jack, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, 2 mics, FM radio, Google Assistant button, notification LIGHT EMITTING DIODE.

The specsheet is nothing distinct, but we do mention ones notification LED as it’s over the power button, which we hadn’t seen before. We hadn’t looked at a 10W charger in a at the same time either, and that’s less exciting. Which else is in the package, you ask?

Nokia seven. 2 unboxing

The Nokia 7. dos comes in a compact flat box getting a photo of two people shaking care and the outline of the phone embellished on it. Get it? Nokia – chatting people. Inside it, the phone sits to their right, its plastic sleeve pointing at the Google Assistant dedicated on button.

Nokia 7.2 review

To the left of the phone is a common box that holds the accessories. You get a basic 5V/2A adapter, a USB-A-to-C cable, as well as the an inexpensive-looking set of earbuds. Specifically, you have the basics covered to get started, exactly what a freebie case was abnormal to ask for.

The Current War is basically Amadeus for electricity

Photo: Dean Rogers / 101 Studios

It’s unusual for a film to arrive in theaters labeled “Director’s Cut,” but it’s happening with The Current War, a historical film about the tech face-off between irascible inventor Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and genteel industrialist George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon). The film’s themes are integrity, the damaging effects of powerful men, and the importance of savvy branding — and those same themes have played out in the film’s release just as much as they’ve turned up on-screen.

The “Director’s Cut” label ensures that even the most casual filmgoers will have a sense that something strange is at play with The Current War. The drama about the early days of electricity is hitting theaters more than two years after it…

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Insider Company Comparisons — Compare hundreds of top tech companies all in one place

Hi everyone! I’m Kevin, co-founder of Pathrise. A few months ago we posted a set of Interviewing Insider Guides to help job seekers find information about interview processes all in one place, but we realized the power of the information we had aggregated and sourced went beyond that! Here’s an entirely different tool that allows you to compare companies head-to-head! These comparison guides allow you to review all of the information on top tech companies side-by-side so that you can see where the differences lie between hiring processes, interview questions, missions, and more. We want to make it as easy as possible for candidates and market researchers to compare different companies to figure out things like deciding between offers or ways to adjust their interview practice. After accumulating a ton of insider company information, we wanted to provide that data in new and helpful formats. At Pathrise our goal is to act as an advocate for job-seekers by correcting the imbalance of information between job seekers and employers. With this launch, we’re excited to share our comparison guides with the world and see how they’ll be used!

Situation 4’s screen scales down to 60Hz when brightness is set below 75%

One of the biggest additions to Google’s new Pixel 4 tubings is the new 90Hz refresh chance screen. This is a key trend throughout 2019 flagship phones but now the majority of the both Pixel 4 and < a href=""> 4 XL quickly switch to 60Hz when their brightness is set to lower than 75%. Each of our discovery was made by a group of Reddit users and has since been found by many early adopters.

Pixel 4’s screen throttles down to 60Hz when brightness is set below 75%

Apparently, you do have a workaround to this issue through the coder setting where you can lock the 90Hz refresh rate in all scenarios. Additionally , Twitter user Jeff Springer come across the 90Hz mode stays straightened at lower brightness settings while the Ambient EQ is enabled and there is strong surrounding ambient lighting outside of the phone.

Pixel 4’s screen throttles down to 60Hz when brightness is set below 75%

This is the first time that we have seen this type of refresh rate throttling as other manufacturers would frost nova the refresh rate at all times if you don’t manually set the phone to work coming from 60Hz in the display settings. Google and bing has yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

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OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition announced, is exclusive to T-Mobile USA

Surprise! The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition is the extra long name of the company’s second 5G phone. However, it’s not the missing 5G version of the 7T Pro.

At least not for anyone not on T-Mobile US as this is an exclusive for the North American carrier. There’s no word on pricing yet or when the phone will be released. This is also the only way to get the 7T Pro in the US, by the way.

The OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition (boy, this gets tiring) is essentially the same hardware as the 4G version of McLaren Edition other than the new modem. This means that compared to the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G, you gain a slightly faster chipset (S855+) and charger (Warp Charge 30T).

OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition, exclusive to T-Mobile US OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition, exclusive to T-Mobile US
OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren Edition, exclusive to T-Mobile US

Do note that the original 5G model seems to have disappeared from online stores in the US, however. T-Mobile in particular also discontinued the 4G version of the 7 Pro, but you can still find it on