Referlist — Increase email sign-ups via word of mouth referrals

Thanks for hunting Referlist @mulligan! Hey there Product Hunt 🐱! Excited to launch Referlist, a simple way to increase sign-ups on your landing page for pre-product launches. Give your users early access to your product when they share it with their friends! I make A LOT of landing pages. Whenever I want to test an idea, I’ll make a website with a sign-up form to see how excited people are about a concept. I wanted to encourage word of mouth growth and incentivize my users to share these sites with their friends. Robinhood was able to amass nearly one million sign-ups via their referral program, so I tried googling for an easy way to add something similar to my page. Everything I found was expensive, too complicated and came pre-packaged with a landing page which I didn’t want. I ended up building a custom solution for myself and it worked great! I noticed other friends launching projects doing the same, so we built Referlist to save everyone some time. Here’s what it has to offer: 👨‍💻 No coding required. It’s plug-and-play like Drift. Takes 5 minutes to setup
🆓 It’s free to get started. You only pay if you get more than 100 sign-ups so you can feel free to launch as many failed experiments as your heart desires at no cost!
🗄️ Export your users to CSV or Mailchimp
🎨 Add a custom message and use custom colors on your waitlist page
🍉 Seed your waitlist so that it doesn’t look completely empty for the first few sign-ups Any feedback is welcome! Feel free to email me directly at or tweet at @parthi_logan Cheers,
Parthi and the Referlist team

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