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Hi Product Hunt! I am Snehanshu Gandhi and here I am introducing our new product Sorted AI to all of you for your feedback & love. We have built something that we wanted for ourselves & hope that you & many more people in future will be able to benefit from it.
The idea originated when I was struggling to organize documents for myself & my family. I tried various things including using physical files & folders, notes applications, Google Drive etc. to do that but found it too manual an exercise. Very soon I lost motivation to do it diligently & my Google Drive just became a cluttered dump. I thought, what if someone could leverage technology & automate that whole process? It would be so much easy for me. That’s when we thought of building Sorted AI. You can think of it as an intelligence layer built over a mix of a cloud storage app, a reminders app & a notes app, just enough for an average person to get more organized & productive without the hassle. Sorted AI makes the documents do the job for you, so that you can focus on what you love & not waste time / effort on such boring administrative tasks! To upload documents, you can also forward an Email with attachment to or Whatsapp it to +91 9315531269 and it will automatically get sorted for you! We have a lot more in store for our users and are iterating everyday to make managing documents, a super smooth experience for our users! Hope you’ll like it. Please let us know what you think by commenting here, tweeting at @sorted_ai or writing to me at

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