ProspectIn โ€” Create drip campaigns and automate your Linkedin Activity ๐Ÿš€

Not only does Prospectin ROCK…. The PEOPLE behind this platform are OUTSTANDING!!!! Seriously, I ran into this incredible…. wrote them some suggestions and BOOM! they followed up with me. Guillaume, Margot, are relentless in doing something most SaaS platforms, and big firms like suck ass AMAZON, GOOGLE, LINKEDIN, etc who HATE ‘the little guys’ don’t do… they LISTEN… they CONNECT WITH YOU… what more can you ask for…. ? I cannot speak highly enough for this product, and the people which are of course the most important…. I am using it DAILY…. pushing the limits on what it does… and now what I am ABLE to do for myself, and clients. This is the best money YOU will spend every month….

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