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Hi Product Hunters! I’m Nishika, CEO + Founder of Experiential Insight, and on the behalf of my amazing team, I am proud to share with you our Experiential Insight App. Here are some of our App’s key features: + Everything we focus on is to do with unlocking human potential. Come unlock yours with us today through our Coaching Tracks + Learn from the world’s best thought leaders through our 18-minute Insight Talks + Join the conversation on relevant topics to stay ahead of industry trends in Insight Groups + Connect with other awesome people like you from a diverse range of industries based around the world We’re already partnering with some of the world’s biggest brands such as Facebook, VMware, Nielsen, Gojek, and several others. Unlocking YOUR full potential is our key priority, so download our App and unlock yours! Holler if you have any questions or comments. Would love to hear from you! Nishika

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