Slownews — All the news from your Twitter feed without the rush

Yesterday night I was in the subway, checking what other people were doing on their smartphone and the fact is, almost every one was either on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Compulsively refreshing their newsfeed when reaching the bottom.
It was almost sad to see (also because nothing new was popping up) So I imagine it’s probably not the best time to market for my product. Anyway, I’ve been working on Slownews for a while, it’s a product I use every day and that helped me to slow down on Twitter (one on my objective for this year). Now on, I only use Slownews to get my informations from Twitter, I’m checking the app twice a day and I’m quite sure I’m not missing much. Slownews will give you a recap of the news from your Twitter feed only a few times a day (twice by default). I hope it can help a few people to step down from the constant flood we get in our everyday life.

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