Disney CEO says Scorsese and Coppola can ‘bitch about movies’ if they want

Photo: Film Frame / Marvel Studios

There’s a war brewing between some of Hollywood’s most revered directors and fans of Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, but the latter camp just got some help from Disney CEO Bob Iger.

At a Wall Street Journal conference in California on Tuesday night, Iger was asked about recent criticisms Academy Award-winning directors Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola leveled against comic book movies. Scorsese compared Marvel movies to theme park rides, while Coppola went one step further, calling superhero flicks “despicable.” Iger responded directly to Coppola’s choice of word, stating “I reserve the word ‘despicable’ for someone who committed mass murder.”

Various actors and directors involved in Marvel projects, including Robert Downey…

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