OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro seminar: what to expect

Another day, OnePlus is expected to unveil these OnePlus 7T Pro – a more rewarding version of the Pro from recording. But it won’t be a huge inclusion, certainly nothing like the quantum dive from the OnePlus 7 to the 7T. Here’s what we expect will happen concerning the event.

First, the obvious – Europeans is able to finally get to find out the prices and as a consequence launch dates for the OnePlus 7T . One of the eager fans in India then bought theirs, folks in the US may get one starting October 18 (Friday next week). The 7T within the expected to start at €600.

OnePlus 7T Pro: correct major external changes are expected... lunch break width=
OnePlus 7T Pro: no major alternative changes are expected…

As for the OnePlus 7T Pro, rumors mostly talk about the new chipset, a Snapdragon 855+. That brings a small overclock to go to the GPU and an even smaller yourself to the CPU compared to the S855 food found in the original 7 Pro.

The 7T Pro may get a slightly larger it. The 7T has 100mAh about its predecessor and based on the right full spec leak we look forward towards that the new Pro will get a like minor bump. A more noticeable change the order of should be the move to Warp Charge 30T, which is 23% faster from 0 to 100% than the non-T charger on the 7 Pro. It won’t enhance the maximum charging speed though simple just reduce throttling and thus boost the average rate.

... other than a new color for this fantastic back
… other than a new color for the down

The new Pro may get a good solid new cover of Blue ınstead of reusing the one from the 7T.

Then there’s some of the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren copy, which will have a completely different look. Driven by the box , we expect to see a carbon fiber again again with orange highlights, just like on these 6T special edition. More importantly, this may include the fourth generation of OnePlus quickly charging, going as high as 65W (as a reminder, Warp Charge 30 generated its debut with the 6T McLaren).

OnePlus displayed a peek at the McLaren S box
OnePlus offered a peek to the McLaren Edition box

Nevertheless the McLaren Edition is assumed would be the most costly OnePlus phone but yet at €850. As for the vanilla 7T Pro, we expect the price to stay the same, given how minor the hardware upgrades are.

Will the OnePlus FOR ANY join the phones on stage? Today we haven’t heard anything about a European or just a global launch, so chances are slender. Pete Lau and co. can be surprises in store, however.

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