zeroheight for Adobe XD — Collaborative design system documentation synced with XD

Hey everyone 👋 I’m Jerome, one of the co-founders at zeroheight 🙂 We created zeroheight because we saw the pain of trying to maintain design system docs in tools like Confluence, Google Docs or custom-built websites… and we saw how often they get abandoned. zeroheight makes it easy to create design system documentation that stays up-to-date as it’s integrated with people’s favourite design tools: Sketch, Figma… and as of today Adobe XD! 🎉 zeroheight also integrates with developer tools like Storybook so that teams can keep all of their design system docs in one place. And it’s super easy to edit so that anyone at the company can contribute. This allows teams to focus on their actual design language instead of wasting time building and maintaining a documentation site. We’re really excited to introduce zeroheight to the XD community! Let us know what you think below 🙏

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