Gloatt — Crowdsourced database of company names & stories

When brainstorming a name for a digital productivity consulting biz I’m starting with @quinnrobertson1, I thought that a crowdsourced list of brand names would be helpful and interesting. So I collected 100+ brand names from the interwebs (mostly from Rewind & Capture) and came up with this list of names, their categories and origin stories. It was fun to make my first product 🙂 I would love to hear from you on how to make this more useful: currently thinking of adding stuff from Crunchbase and/or Clearbit, a search bar and more filters. I made this w/o code using Paperform v2, Zapier, Airtable, Notion 2.0 and Table 2 Site . Major s/o to @poehah for being amazingly helpful and responsive.

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