Huawei to release a HarmonyOS on its next smartwatch as Oppo seeks join the market

Following the ascending demand for smartwatches lately, Oppo is planning on going in the market with its own offering in conformity with a recent Weibo post by the company’s VP Shen Yiren. The system shared that Oppo is hard at the mall on its first smartwatch that ought to come out sometime next year.

Shirley Yiren post after Weibo
Shirley Yiren post on Weibo

Going into more details Yiren said that the watch will likely come with a rectangle-shaped casing instead of a circular one as a fitting more information on the screen. In addition , fans can expect to see an Oppo branded pair of noise-canceling wireless earbuds before the end of this year.

In appropriate news, Huawei is looking to bring a suitable HarmonyOS powered smartwatch in the near future. Unquestionably the company’s past offerings came with an exceptional Lite OS as well as Google’s Put OS but neither managed to profit significant traction.

Oppo looking to enter smartwatch small, Huawei to bring HarmonyOS on the book's next watch

Given often the shrinking market for Wear OS IN THIS HANDSET, Huawei believes it’s the right time to run a test the waters with its new RESTES on smartwatches. The company believes its new modular operating system will give the site a better shot at competing in the likes of Samsung and Could on the smart wearables front.

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