Samsung electronics Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition happens pre-order in some countries

K-pop phenomenon Blackpink got up on stage during the Samsung Galaxy A80 to promote the phone and as the actual “thank you”, Samsung has released its own edition of the phone in some money markets.

Samsung Universe A80 Blackpink Special edition Blackpink case
Samsung Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special edition • Blackpink case

The Galaxy A80 Blackpink Special Edition is available for pre-order on Samsung Thailand and then ESH in Malaysia . It looks like it will be available in Singapore (from Samsung Experience stores) and Vietnam as well. In Thailand at least, typically the pre-order period ends on Commonly 14 (Sunday next week).

Charging stand Charging stand Photo identification with the Blankpink band members
Charging bear • Photo cards with the Blankpink band members

The phone on its own appears completely unmodified, there’s no developer paint job. Instead, the Blackpink branding comes via the packaging as accessories. Inside the box is a deal case, a charging stand or USB cable, all painted in an exceedingly combination of black and pink. You will also discover cards with the members of Blackpink.

You will discover pre-order bonuses too, like a Universe Fit in Malaysia and AKG Y500 headphones in Thailand.

PS. other cellphones in the Galaxy A-series get some free Blackpink goodies too. E. you have g. Samsung Malaysia offers a Blackpink safety net with the Galaxy A70 and a towel with the A50. This too tends limited to only select countries.

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